Sep. 16.

Tried Tuesday: Ziaja Natural Olive Cream

ziaja-thI’m notorious for hopping about different face creams. I’ve never been able to settle on the one for me. In a way it’s great as I get to go through so many of them, but having so much choice can be a curse. However, as I was suffering from an attack of dry skin on my forehead over the past few days, I was glad to have one of the new Natural Olive creams available to me from Polish brand Ziaja.

Firstly, a side note. I have no idea how to pronounce Ziaja. If anyone can leave me a comment explaining how to pronounce it I would appreciate it.


But now on to today’s product, the Natural Olive Cream, part of the new range of products that includes a top to toe line of shampoos, conditioners, face creams, lip balms, body creams, hand creams and more. It is also great that no product in the range costs more than €9.99, so it is not going to hurt your pocket. The packaging is simple, nothing special, but not awful to look at. It is not something I would be proudly displaying on my dressing table, but it is not something that I would use then immediately hide away either. For a budget range it isn’t bad looking, and I do find the green used in the packaging to be quite pleasant.


The directions on the box are delightfully clear, explaining what the product is suitable for, how to use it, and how much of it there is. This can, at times, be so small and hard to read that it is just a pain, so I am quite happy about this. It is then repeated in other languages on the other sides of the box, again, in a clear, easy to read way.


Once you open the box though, you hit my big bugbear. Can you tell what it is? Okay, I’ll tell you. It is the smaller tub perched on top of the clear plastic filler. I can understand why this was done. The bigger box does look quite impressive, but I can’t help but be disappointed when there is so much empty space in the box once it is opened. That is a fairly minor thing though, as it is still in line with the usual 50ml size of other brands of face cream.


Inside the tub though is the thing of greatest interest, the actual face cream. It is a rich, firm cream that has a light, neutral scent, smelling slightly of well, olive. It sinks in, mostly, within a couple of minutes, but I did feel that for a while there was still a slight residue on my skin. It is possible that I was applying a little too much in trying to tackle my dry skin, and it was not a total oil slick, but I can understand why it is billed as being for normal/dry skin. I’m sure that once my skin calms down and I can use it more sparingly it will become less of an issue, and as it stands I am not overly concerned by it.

Overall, for a budget brand I can’t overly fault this. Yes I do think that the small tub/big box thing is a little disappointing, but it is me being pedantic. I have used a couple of Ziaja products before, but never took much notice of them. I think now, however, I may have to pay more attention to them.

Ziaja Natural Olive Cream is €4.79 (rrp) and is available from pharmacies nationwide


* Product was provided for review

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