Sep. 30.

Tried Tuesday: NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder

nyx-thWhen it comes to my brows I normally have two things for them, one more often than the other. One is getting them professionally tended to, which happens about once a decade. The other is Maybelline’s Brow Drama. That said though, I am always willing to try something else out, and that brings us to today’s Tried Tuesday. It is a brow product (if you haven’t guessed already) and it is from NYX. Specifically it is the eyebrow cake powder from NYX.


NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder is available in 6 shades, running the gamut from blackest black to ash blonde, covering many stops for brown and one I have here for auburn/red. The packaging is uninspiring but solid. It’s a thick rectangle of black plastic with a frosted lid that has clear sections to see the product. It is easy to open, but still closes with enough of a click for you to feel that it is secure. I can hear it snap closed while I am wearing noise cancelling headphones, so it’s nicely done. I hate getting products that refuse to open, or that you feel will never stay closed. Kudos for that.



Inside the package you get a clear wax, two complimentary shades of powder (you can mix the right shade for you) and tools, in the form of a mini spoolie brush and a mini angled brush. The spoolie brush doesn’t feel too bad run across the back of my hand, but the angled brush is a different story. It feels hard and scratchy, and while it will probably always be in the kit, will not be getting much use beyond today’s swatches. I much prefer using my own proper brushes for these things and would rather not have scratchy brushes on my face. That’s just me though.



Here we have the three products, the clear sealing wax, a matte red brown and a matte brown with slight red undertones. The colours don’t look at all bad, and I like how you can mix them to get the right shade for you. The wax also feels smooth, soft and easy to use.


And finally, now for some swatches. Working left to right you have the wax (it picked up some residual powder from the brush) the red brown and the brown with red. The pigmentation of these is really quite something. There is a lot of colour in there. I’m also liking the look of the brown more so than the red brown, but I am sure with work I can find the right mix to suit.

I think that if you can find a NYX stand these are worth looking at. With a mix of shades you shouldn’t have much difficulty in finding one to suit, and, if you don’t care about the little brushes not being all too useful, you could be on to a little powerhouse brow product.


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