Sep. 23.

Tried Tuesday: Cuticura Anti-Bacterial Hand Serum

cuticura-thNormally I am not one to bother too much with anti bacterial serums and scrubs unless I need them. Usually, if my hands are washed regularly, it is not a problem for me. But, with being under the weather with a cold last week, and coughing and sneezing and still having to do things, I always had a bottle of this Anti-Bacterial Hand Serum from Cuticura close to me, just in case.


Cuticura Anti-Bacterial Hand Serum is developed to be alcohol free (so it is kinder to your skin), to kill 99.99% of bacteria fast, and to last for up to 8 hours. Instead of using alcohol to kill the bacteria it uses the active ingredients poly(hexamethylenebiguanide) hydrochloride and dydecldimethylammonium cholride in a water based gel. It might cause an allergic reaction though, so be sure to test using a little of the product first. I don’t want you destroying your hands and blaming me, okay.


The bottle is a small, compact 50ml, which is ideal for putting into your handbag or pocket without taking up space. The down side of the small bottle though, is that using Cuticura’s own recommended dosage of 3ml means that you are going to run out of it pretty quick. Regular handwashing, normal be careful with what you are touching and common sense should see you using it a bit less though.


On top of the bottle is a pump nozzle, allowing easy dispensing of product on to your hands. I find it easier to handle when you are juggling bits and pieces, as you are more likely to get it onto your hands and closed again without squirting it onto some unsuspecting passerby (hasn’t happened to me yet, luckily).


Here you see the small amount that I would use, which is 3 pump loads of the product. I really shouldn’t have to explain it, but just rub it across your hands (as you would do if washing your hands) until it sinks in, which takes about 30 seconds. Avoid touching much for a couple of minutes afterwards while it dries in and you’re done.

I am quite liking this. It has been super handy to have about, as I have not been afraid to go about doing things. It was something that I was using on and off, but last week reminded me of the benefit of having it available more often. I think this, my second bottle of it will be taking up permanent residence in my handbag.


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