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Sep. 04.

Tested Thursday: Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation

luminizer thI am quite set in my ways with regards foundation. There is a very small selection that I reach for time and time again. It is about time to try something different though, so today for Tested Thursday I am looking at the new Skin Luminizer Foundation from Max Factor.

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Max Factor’s new Skin Luminizer Foundation comes 100 years after Max Factor invented and released Greasepaint, their first foundation and the first makeup ever designed for motion picture use. It is “specifically created for women who are seeking subtle luminosity and a healthy-looking glow” and I am told it delivers medium coverage, with the added benefit of enhanced skincare properties. For example, it offers hydration through the VitaNiacan complex, including vitamins B3 and E, which replenishes skins natural moisture balance. It also contains elastomers, which “create ‘windows’ in the skin through which light can be reflected back to create a healthy looking glow and a wide awake look.”

This all sounds very interesting, and as they have been producing foundations for 100 years, you would expect Max Factor to know what they are doing, but how does it translate to real life? Of course, as it’s Tested Thursday, this is what I’m trying to find out.

Normally, I would be looking for a higher coverage foundation. I think that lower coverage ones really don’t do enough for me, but I am always willing to try something to see how it fares, and I would love to be able to find a barely there foundation that suits me. Made in Ireland, you would hope that out of the 6 shades available there would be one close match for “good Irish skin” and fortunately, the shade I have here – 40 Light Ivory, is. You can also choose from Warm Almond through to golden and bronze. I am yet to see side by side comparisons of how they look, but there should be an option for most people.

The packaging is nothing special, being a drugstore brand. It is a plastic bottle, with a pump top. The nozzle on the pump is quite narrow, and it doesn’t dispense much product each time, which is a good thing, as you have greater control of how much you are using. You can also see the distinctive swirl pattern in the bottle, containing the pearlised pigments and skin luminizers.

luminizer hand

What you see here is about half a pump of the foundation out onto the back of my hand, which is what I would normally do before applying it with a brush. It is quite a thick formula, which stays put and doesn’t spread out by itself. This is not really an issue, and  I find is quite beneficial, as you are not trying to coat your hand in the foundation, are you? It also means it sticks to my brush quite well, without soaking down the bristles.

luminizer swatch

When you do start moving it about though, it moves really well. It doesn’t sit in one spot, but with light movements of the brush gives even coverage, without looking thick or leaving brush marks. Even then with a light dusting of powder over the top (though It doesn’t really need it) you don’t feel as if you have a heavy coating on your face. Your face does feel as if the makeup is barely there.

luminizer flash

One thing I did notice was that under bright lights you can slightly pick up on the pearlised pigments in it. I have tried to capture them here, using my camera close up with flash, and you can kind of make them out. It isn’t going to make your face look sparkly though. More, like the name of the foundation would suggest, luminous. That you have a glow.

So, the results. I have been wearing this foundation consistently for the past three days, and I think I am a convert. There will still be times where I want something a bit higher coverage, but the Skin Luminizer Foundation has a number of things going for it, namely:

  • It feels really light on the skin, while still providing enough coverage to tidy up blemishes and even out skintone
  • It does provide a barely there or bare skin but better appearance
  • I find myself using less of it than other foundations
  • My foundation brush doesn’t feel clogged up after using this foundation. The foundation is going on to my face, and not my brush

I do honestly think I will be reaching for this more for everyday coverage. It provides quite a lot of power for quite a small price, at €16.39 for a 30ml bottle. If you are looking to save your high end or high coverage foundations for special occasions, this is well worth a look!

Oh, and I am going to be cheeky and say that while I am going to show you this in action on my face, you will have to wait for Face Friday tomorrow!


* Product was provided for review


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  • Sounds like a good alternative to Revlon’s photoready; I stopped using that foundation because rather than luminous it made the skin sparkle; not a good look for anyone to be honest. I’m the same as you, always using one or 2 foundations. I’ll have to check out the shade range of this one.

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