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Something Else Sunday: Blogger Meet Up

ses-bloggermeetBloggers are known for being social creatures. We love getting together to have a coffee or a cocktail, a chat and to swap tales and favourites. Really, going to blogger meet ups is one great perk of the whole blogging thing. So, I was really happy to be able to attend a blogger meet up in Dublin yesterday, kindly and brilliantly organised by the amazing Anita of Anita’s Beauty Spot.

We found ourselves downstairs in Costa Coffee on College Green (yes there is a downstairs area) in what appears to be a cross between a cellar and a church. The lighting wasn’t great, but as it is a private room, it was a great place for us all to gather to see what was new, including the chance to have a look at a number of new products.

adoreabubbles beauty units

Adoreabubbles Beauty Units


Sarah from Adoreabubbles

Among the new products and businesses on display were these Adoreabubbles Beauty Units, handmade by fellow blogger Sarah from Adoreabubbles. Being a fellow blogger and having far too much to keep organised, she has turned her idea into a small business, and was on hand to both chat and let us know about her business. I am really impressed by the idea of the nail polish stand, which holds up to 150 polishes. I have to seriously consider getting one, as at 140 polishes I have just maxed out my IKEA picture shelves.


New Nail Polishes from Paese

martha paese

Martha from Paese

Speaking of polishes, we were treated to a visit from Martha, the founder of Paese Cosmetics, who was on hand to launch her new ranges of nail polish, a range of pastel shades (the blue she has on her nails is gorgeous, and a more neutral toned silk range. One of the silk range may just be making an appearance for Manicure Monday tomorrow!

It is great to see people who are so passionate about their products come to talk to us, including Jane from Mondss Underarm Wear. Inspired by a need and the fact that there was no product available that fit what she needed, she created a unique product and a business opportunity for herself, and was again on hand to let us know about it. It is a little difficult to explain the product without showing it to you (so it is on my list of things to review properly) but it is amazing to see the commitment that went in to taking the product from an idea to market.


Green Angel Skincare

One product range that I found delightful was the range from Green Angel Skincare, an Irish company that has won multiple awards for their natural products. It’s a pity I can’t transmit smells over the internet because these smell absolutely divine. I didn’t know it was possible to put so many deliciously scented products. I got to try out their award winning body scrub (on my hands anyway) and between the wake you up scent of zingy lemon, the way it really does work, and the moisturising oils, I couldn’t help but be impressed by it.

A small selection of the raffle prizes

A small selection of the raffle prizes

Of course, at these meet ups, there is an element of charity involved, and yesterday was no different, with a raffle in aid of Console. The range of prizes on offer was exceptional. The generosity shown by the sponsors for the raffle prizes, or with little bits and pieces for goody bags was a sight to behold, and I really can’t say thank you enough to all those who supplied something (the list is as long as my arm)!

Sometimes I feel that we don’t get together to chat enough, so it was really enjoyable to spend an afternoon with other bloggers, and of course those who took time to chat about their businesses and products with us, so once again I should say thank you to Peter from Ziaja, Jane from Mondss, Martha from Paese, the commanding presence of Anne-Marie Gannon who made sure we were listening when we had to (and was most complimentary about my radio voice and professionalism with a camera – myself, my voice and my ancient Canon were very happy with that), Sarah from Adoreabubbles, Niabh from Green Angel, every blogger who was there (those who I got a chance to talk to and those I didn’t), and finally Anita (who made the whole day possible). I’m already looking forward to the next one!


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