Sep. 29.

Manicure Monday: Nicely Nude Nails

nude-thI’ll admit that I am a massive fan of colourful nails. There is a good reason why I own so many colourful nail polishes. However, sometimes a nude nail can look as good as, if not better than their colourful counterparts. There is something so chic about a nicely done nude nail, and I do have several in my collection for when I want something neutral but nice looking adorning my fingers. One such example, that I will show you today is from the Supreme Shine range by 17, and is called mink.


Mink is at the deeper end of the nude spectrum, veering to a milky coffee shade, Its wide brush does allow for easy application, but I found it a little streaky on coat one. On coat two though, it had evened out into a tidy shiny finish. It’s not the best formula in the world, but I have certainly tried to work with far worse!


As for how it looks on my nails. I actually had difficulty trying to photograph this one. It looks deeper in the picture than it actually is. In reality it is a bit milkier than seen here, and while darker than my own skin tone is still quite a pleasant choice to wear when I don’t want to blind someone with bright colours!

Is there a nude shade you regularly turn to? Or are you one of the colours for all brigade? Please do let me know!


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