Sep. 01.

Manicure Monday: Max Factor Gel Shine Lacquer

mf-berry-thSometimes the postman hates me. Sometimes he brings me bills, or bad news. Today though, I like the postman. He had a parcel for me, and inside the parcel were some super shiny bottles of joy, or as they’re also known, the new Max Factor Gel Shine Lacquer nail polishes. It’s very fortunate too that my nails happened to be bare at the time, so I had no delay in putting these on my fingers.


The principle behind the shade choices for this collection is really clever. Max Factor’s Global Creative Design Director, Pat McGrath, chose 9 shades, representing a modern twist on colours that defined fashion makeup throughout decades, starting with the 1950’s and a pin-up red, through the 1970’s and 80’s blues and brights, to the deeper burgundy hues of the 1990’s. The full collection is seen in the picture above, but the ones that actually jumped out at me the most come from the 1990’s.


It’s September now, and that means autumn. To me autumn brings deeper richer colours (though I am not entirely retiring my bright colours for the year) and the three shades of richer winey reds really spoke to me as being the perfect transition colours. Their 1990’s inspired shades include Radiant Ruby, which is a richer, deeper red compared to the 1950’s pin-up, Sheen Merlot, a really dark wine colour, and the one that I chose for to go on my nails today, Sparkling Berry, which is somewhere in between the two, deeper than the red, and with a little bit of plum in there too.


Application of the polish was a dream. On top of a coat of CND Stickey went just two coats of the polish, though you could see how pigmented it was after the first coat. The second coat was really just to even out the polish slightly and add shine to it, which this polish has in abundance. The formula is described by Max Factor as being thick so it doesn’t mould to the ridges of the nail and is self levelling, so it dries without streaks or lines. I can safely say that while the polish is thick, it does move about extremely well, and the brush fans out nicely, so you don’t have to overwork the polish. The wear time of the polish is listed as up to 7 days (though I rarely seem to hit those estimates) and I will be interested to see how this stands up.

Finally, the polish on my nails, shot both without and then with flash. You will have to excuse the slight untidiness, as the photos are of my left hand (it’s a right handed camera) and I am dominantly left handed. There are also no fancy or simple bits of nail art today, as I just wanted the polish to speak for itself.



I’m really impressed with the finish of the polish. It is rich with pigment, and the gel shine finish looks amazing. As long as it lasts close to the wear time, I think that it will be great for a DIY manicure at €10.39 per bottle. The only question I have to ask is what era is speaking to you?

Update: It has now been 4 days since I put this on to my nails, and I am not noticing some minor tip wear, and one chip. It is nothing major, but I am quite hard on my nails, and the shiny polish magpie in me is debating changing to a different colour. It is still wearing better than a standard polish though!


*Product was provided for review

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