Aug. 06.

Waffle Wednesday: A Little Hospital Update

ww-hospitalthIt’s been a while since I’ve talked about the hospital, and really there hasn’t been anything to say. But, for those of you who have been following my hospital journey, let’s bring you up to date with how things are.

So, last time I was in hospital was at the end of March for a couple of days for tests, and they found a polyp in between one of my kidneys and my bladder. A CT scan confirmed that it is causing some kind of obstruction, but to not worry about it, and they would schedule a repeat of the tests. That appointment date came through very quickly (within a week, so fair play to the hospital for doing that) and the appointment was for the end of July. Alas that couldn’t be helped, and so I waited.

Unfortunately, as you can guess from my writing this, that appointment never happened. I received word that my appointment was postponed, and that they would be in touch to reschedule. Shit happens, we just have to get over it and keep going. It was pushed back to the start of September though, which will be about 10 months from it all starting, and again it is only tests to decide what way to proceed.

I know I can’t complain too much. The hospital, when I have been in their care, have for the most part been superb. There was the little issue last time with the pyjama run, but that is a minor thing. As you know though, I really REALLY hate waiting. Yet wait is what I must do. All I can do between now and the start of September is hope that it doesn’t get postponed again, and that it, as a day case, is routine, as, to be very honest, I don’t want to see a plate of food like this, ever, ever again…



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