Aug. 19.

Tried Tuesday: Wet n Wild XXL Lash Mascara

tt-xxl-thWay back in March I posted about my first impressions of Wet n Wild Cosmetic’s lineup, ans while it was generally positive, I did note that I was somewhat disappointed with their XXL Lash mascara, but that I would have to revisit it. Now, nearly 6 months later, for Tried Tuesday I have gotten around to it. And, have I changed my mind?

In my March post I commented that:

It’s billed as a “thickening, amplifying mascara” but what I found was the formula was so wet it did nothing for me, and ended up everywhere but on my lashes.


Fortunately that has changed, with the time it was given to mature. It is no longer as wet, and coats the brush, a fairly thin, but finely bristled affair without either flowing off the brush, or getting into sticky clumps on the brush and hence on my lashes. So far so good. Nothing truly spectacular to report, but nothing disastrous either.

Now, as for how it performed on my lashes, which is, above all where it counts (and I do love things that perform where it counts!). Below I have 3 shots of my left eye (my better of the two, but still half blind) showing lashes without mascara, with 1 coat, and with 2 coats. They’re numbered 0, 1 and 2 for obvious reasons.


You can see that it has done a fair job of it. There is no sign of it transferring to my eyelid, or down my face, and while it hasn’t made my lashes look XXL, it does make them look better.

All that said, yes I do take back what I said in March. I am no longer somewhat disappointed by XXL Lash. I am not entirely bowled over by it, but it will be entirely suitable for a daytime look, where I don’t need my lashes to be huge. They look tidy, with a bit of thickness and curl, and for just €5.49 that’s good enough for me. What do you think?


*Product was provided for review

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