Aug. 28.

Tried Tuesday: Bia Beauty Lemon Myrtle Hand Cream

bia-thI had been debating what to do for Tried Tuesday this week, but, in honour of the person who found my blog by searching for how to end their hand cream addiction (I have NO idea how they found my blog that way) I am going to indulge them by having a look at the Lemon Myrtle Hand Cream from Bia Beauty.


First things first. Let’s talk about the major positive and major negative for this. The positive is that Bia Beauty products are lovingly made here in Ireland, in Cork. It is always great to see Irish beauty products, and I would of course encourage people to buy local wherever possible. The negative is that, it is a jar. Jars are a bit of a pet hate of mine. I have a number of lovely hand creams, but put them in a jar and they can be both messy, and not at all portable. Let’s not let that spoil everything though. The jar is only a small part of it, and I’m not rubbing the jar on my hands.

Opening the jar you immediately get the sweet, slightly tangy smell of the lemon myrtle, which is very pleasant. I have no problem sticking my nose into the jar and taking a good sniff. It is coupled with a cocktail of shea butter, calendula and beeswax, and forms a rich, delightful cream.


While the cream is rich, and quite firm in the jar, swirling your finger across the top of it causes it to melt into a light, easily spreadable cream. This is then super simple to work into your hands, and sinks in readily. I could still feel a slight coating on the top layer of my hands for a few minutes afterwards, but it was not heavy or greasy, and disappeared readily, leaving my hands feeling much nicer, and smelling delicious. I am able to smell the lemon myrtle even with my hands on my keyboard, and I am tempted to lick my fingers. I’ll resist that though, for now.

Bia Beauty’s Lemon Myrtle Hand Cream costs €14.95 for a 60ml jar, and is available on and selected stockists. The only thing stopping me from recommending you go out and buy it RIGHT NOW is the jar thing, but to have sitting on your desk, it is definitely a great choice. And if it ever finds its way into a tube I will be all over it!


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  • Oh major pet peeve that it is in a jar! I like mine in tubes so I can carry them in my handbag and not be messy. However I am intrigued by Bia Beauty after trying out one of their eye creams so I might see what the hand cream is like when at their stand again.

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