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Aug. 25.

Manicure Monday: Pink Gradient

mm-pink mani-thIt’s amazing how many colours actually fall under the colour “pink”. It’s something that nail polish addicts like myself use all the time to justify purchases. Yes I have a pink nail polish, but I don’t have THAT pink, in that finish, from that brand. It’s also the mechanism I’m using for this weeks Manicure Monday, where I pick out 5 complimentary pinks to form a pink gradient manicure.

First things first. I need to pick out the 5 polishes I’m going to use. After a bit of poking through bottles, and swatching on paper side by side, I chose the final 5, which are:

  • Thumb – Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer – 180 Hot or Not?
  • Index – OPI Nail Lacquer – Ladies and Magjenta-Men
  • Middle – Revlon Nail Art Neon – 100 Atomic Pink
  • Ring – Inglot Nail Enamel – 817
  • Little – 17 High Gloss Nail Polish – Pinking Shear

Then came actually painting the nails. This involved a bit of time, as different formulas and different finishes needed a different number of coats, ranging from 2 for the Catrice and OPI to 4 for the Revlon.

Finally, here is how it looked at the end. Top picture is without flash, while the bottom picture is with.

pink mani-noflash

pink mani-flash

I like the idea of the gradient manicure. It is ideal if you want to wear a particular colour, but don’t know what particular colour to go for. If you get a nicely matching set, it can look very well put together. In fact, I’m currently scanning my shelves to see what other colour groups I can work with. What do you think?


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