Jul. 02.

Tried Tuesday: Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner Pens

eyeko-thYes, I know this is Wednesday, but as I ran out of camera batteries and had to wait to take pictures for this, it still counts as a Tuesday post. I’ll remember to charge batteries more often next time. For today’s post, I’m going to take a look at the gift with purchase from the July issue of Glamour Magazine, which is the Skinny Eyeliner pen from Eyeko.


There were two of these available with the magazine, a choice of black and navy. Naturally I chose both, but I’m weird that way. The idea is fairly simple, it’s a felt tip marker of eyeliner. The pens are thin, light and easy to wield, so you don’t need to worry about trying to use something heavy and awkward around your eye.


The felt tips go from super thin at the very end, and thicken up quite quickly, depending on how much pressure you use to get a thin or thick line, and they are really quite pigmented, giving a superb level of colour.

As for how they look? Here they are on my eyes. For this I just have liner and mascara on. The black is paired with the Rimmel Scandaleyes by Kate Mascara in Jet Black, while the navy is paired with the sapphire mascara from the same Rimmel range.



The black, while nice, I don’t think is quite nice enough. It may be that the pen, being a freebie product, had been sat and knocked about a bit, and wasn’t delivering a perfect line, or it may have been my technique. I do quite like the navy though. It is deep enough, and yet delivers enough of a colour pop to be used without much else, on days when you just want to keep things simple

Getting these has made me consider looking for another felt tip style liner, so I must ask, which ones do you recommend?

These Eyeko eyeliner pens are with the July issue of Glamour, which should be available for another couple of days at least.


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  • mysteries1984 says:
    July 2, 2014 at 10:05 pm - Reply

    I’ve read so many complaints about that freebie. Apparently the usual stuff is great, but this wasn’t. No idea why, I’ve never tried the brand. Maybe stuff that was close to its ‘expiration’ date.

    • Possibly. The way the magazine was packaged too may have something to do with it. If the product was sitting so everything drained from the tip, the tip may be clogged up with dry product.

  • I picked up the black one, but haven’t gotten around to trying it yet. I’ve used Eyeko liners in the past and really liked them, but I’ve been reading pretty mixed reviews of these freebie ones.

    • The navy one works really well. Not convinced by the black. The quality is a bit off there. As I said, not sure how they were treated before I got them, so you never know.

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