Jul. 28.

Manicure Monday: Peach & Silver Alternative French Mani

mm-french-thHello everyone, I’m back after taking a couple of weeks away from the blog, and as it is a Monday, that of course means it’s time for a mani. Today I’m going for something that is a little different to the standard French Mani, which while it looks classic, can look quite plain and well, boring. To change it up a bit I’m doing it in colour, using peach and silver.


The polishes used for this are quite simple. The base colour is from the Rimmel Salon Pro by Kate range, and is shade 244 – Goddess. It is an ideal light summer shade for when you don’t want too much colour on your nails. The tips were done using a Sally Hansen Color Quick pen that I got in Dealz a couple of years ago. It is shade 01- Silver Chrome. Just to add something extra to the mani too, I took another of the Color Quick pens, 07 – Fuchsia Chrome, and did it on the ring finger with no tip. Application was a breeze, with a coat of CND Stickey basecoat, 3 of the base to build colour and smoothness, and 1 of the silver tips. It was then all sealed with a coat of Sally Hansen Double Duty topcoat.

As for how it looks on my nails? Lets take a look…


I did these on Thursday night, and only took pictures of them this afternoon (charge your camera batteries Robyn!) so there is a little bit of wear on them, but not much. Outside in the sun it does shine in a lovely way, and the silver tips just add to what is otherwise a flattering, but very simple mani. If the summery weather continues, I can see myself wearing something like this again. What do you think?


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  • It’s lovely to see you back in my Bloglovin’ feed.

    The silver tips look great and really add to the

  • Damn, hit publish before I was finished. D’oh! I meant to say, the silver tips really add to the summery peach.

    • Thank you for the comment Paula. It is good to be back, but a break was needed.

      I am really happy with how it turned out. French does look good, but sometimes you need a bit of colour.

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