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Jun. 19.

Waffle Wednesday (Thursday Edition): How Hair Makes You Feel

hair-thI know this is a Waffle Wednesday post, and yes, I know this is a Thursday, but work with me on this, as I did say on Facebook and Twitter yesterday that I would have something to add to this today. It’s about hair, and how it makes you feel.

From this...

From this…

I generally have a love/hate relationship with my hair, or my birds nest, as I often call it. I’m so naturally curly that it just ends up in tangles and knots, leaving more hair on the brush than on my head when I brush it out, and well, I hate that with a burning fury. That said, I do have times when I love my hair, like when it is behaving for a day or two, or I’ve just had it done (which can be anywhere from 3-10 months in between).

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Fortunately today is one of those good days. I bought a deal on Living Social yesterday, booked it yesterday, and was in the chair today (I don’t like waiting around, do I) for a couple of hours, trying to have my hair tamed.

And this

And this

And the good news is, it worked. I’ve gone from being brown with a scattering of blonde highlights to being somewhere in between blonde and brown, or in other terms, I’ve gone from chocolate to caramel, two of my favourite food groups. It’s also currently more wavy than curly, thanks to being properly blowdried, but once I add water to it it will just curl up again. Having some length taken out of it to manage the weight of hair should help to leave it a bit more manageable.

I was actually originally anticipating going a bit lighter than this, but looking at it now I’m glad I didn’t. This is a lovely intermediate step to go with. Making such a drastic change can be difficult, and having been some form of brunette for all of my life, it makes sense to not overdo it by going too far in one go.

It also is a good way to make a change from feeling stuck in a rut for too long. Changing something little can inspire you to make a bigger change, and change is something that should always be welcomed.


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