season to season bronzer closed
Jun. 10.

Tried Tuesday: Physician’s Formula Season to Season Bronzer

bronzer-thSummer is a season for lighter makeup wherever possible. I try to avoid heavy foundations and powders in favour of tinted moisturisers, BB creams and lately this bronzing powder from Physician’s Formula.

season to season bronzer closed

Physician’s Formula are famous for their bronzers, and I’m currently using their Season to Season bronzer from the Bronze Booster Range. This one comes in a substantial compact with 7.7g of product, a mirror and a brush.


The brush is an interesting shape, but there is a good reason for it. You can use it to dust the powder across your whole face, or use the longer part of the brush for more precision placement of product for contouring, which I think is a really clever idea. Normally I will use a normal powder brush from my brush collection to apply this, so I haven’t actually used the brush.

bronzer-productAs for the product itself. It’s made up of 5 different shades, four shades marked for each season, Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall. There is also a small dot of golden colour in the centre. These shades are all subtly shimmery, not full on, but noticeable in the right light. The fact that there are a mix of shades means you can tailor what shade of bronzer you want to use, ranging from the most light in Winter to the most dark in Summer, with Spring and Fall being two different in between shades. Personally I’m liking just swirling my brush through all of the shades, rather than picking out any particular one.


I’m actually really loving this at the moment. It gives such a wonderful glow to the skin without being over the top. It can be as subtle or as strong as I like. that said, while the product is amazing, I’m slightly concerned by the build quality of the compact. It is substantial, but I have noticed that as I’m using it there is a certain amount of movement between the pan and the compact, and I fear what will happen if the bond between the two gives way. I guess I’ll have to be careful with it and see what happens.

Physician’s Formula Season to Season Bronzer is €19.90, and will be available in pharmacies nationwide.


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