Jun. 26.

Tested Thursday: Duo-Phase Eye Makeup Removers from Garnier & Nivea

remover-bottles-thOne thing I love as a makeup junkie is putting my makeup on. What to do with it, dramatic, subtle, neutral, bare skin, colour pop, the possibilities are limited only by imagination. One thing I hate though, is taking it all off again at the end of the day. Anything to make it easier is welcome here, and as I am running out of the lovely duo-phase eye makeup remover by Ziaja, I picked up two new ones while in Boots on Monday. They are the duo-phase eye makeup removers from Garnier and Nivea, from the Garnier Skin Naturals range and Nivea Daily Essentials Range.


The idea behind duo phase products is that a combination of water based and oil based removers are used to loosen and break down even waterproof makeup, while being kind to sensitive areas like lashes and the eyes themselves. Both bottles make these claims right on the front, along with the fact that they’re opthalmologically tested and approved and are suited for contact lens wearers. As a glasses and sometimes contact lens wearer this is obviously good for me.


But of course, this is Tested Thursday, and these two are going head to head. The first test was the stopwatch test. Specifically, how long, post mixing, does it take for the two phases to separate into their own layers again.

Conditions: Shake 60 times, place on desk, start the clock.

  • The Nivea one was back into two distinct layers in 15 seconds, and looked exactly as it did pre mix within 1 minute
  • The Garnier one was much slower to separate, taking 1 minute 55 seconds to visibly return to two layers.

This I found interesting, as, if you are meant to mix, open, apply to a cotton pad and use, 15 seconds is a seriously short time, while the Garnier one was much more usable in that sense.


The second test is what we really need to see. It is what I call “eye makeup from hell”. I took a number of products, specially known for their immovability, and put them on my eyes. The products chosen for this were:

  • Benefit They’re Real Mascara (no explanation needed)
  • Benefit Brow Zings (heavy duty brows)
  • Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow (perfect base for this)
  • Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette (super pigmented and long lasting)
  • Eyeko Eyeliner Pen (smudgeproof colour)

The finished product looked like this.


Test conditions: Shake 30 times, apply to cotton pad, let sit on eye for a few seconds and wipe across eye 50 times.

First up: Nivea


At first glance on the closed eye, it doesn’t look too bad. It did a good job on the shadow, which was always going to be the easy bit, but struggled a bit more with the brows, mascara and liner. Unfortunately there was also a bit of scatter across my face, where it moved, but didn’t actually remove the makeup. I know you would be removing your whole face of makeup at the time, but why just move it about?

Secondly: Garnier


Again this had some issues with the brows, liner and mascara. It did leave a bit of it behind. Fortunately it left it where it was as opposed to scattering so it at least looked tidier going for another round.


Another round of cleansing was required after this, following the same conditions. The picture you see above is of the pads after round 1 (top) and round 2 (bottom).

They both do look pretty evenly matched. A couple of things I did note though, was that due to the separation time of the Nivea, I got more water based remover than oil, but if you look at the bottles, It probably evened out with relative amounts of each, and the Garnier one did slightly irritate my eye, which persisted for a good 90 seconds after finishing cleansing. Both however, did (eventually) do the job without having to rub and scrub at the eyes. Also, as both come in under €5 (Nivea €4.29 Garnier €4.99) it leads me to a little bit of a dilemma, in which one I would pick ahead of the other.

I have a difficult decision to make here. I am thinking the irritation was possibly using a little too much remover on the pad, which let some soak out and into the eye. There is also the fact that the Nivea one separates too quickly, meaning I would probably run out of the water phase before the oil one, which defeats the purpose of a duo phase remover, right? The fact of this, despite the little price difference, pushes me to say that for it’s better mix time and the fact that it removes as opposed to just moves the makeup around, the Garnier one wins this otherwise close contest.

If you’ve used either of these what do you think? Do you use duo phase removers at all? If not, what do you recommend? Please leave me a comment!


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