Jun. 19.

Tested Thursday: Clarins Sun Care Oil Spray

sun-thDid you see that funny looking yellow ball in the sky over the past couple of days? You did? Good! I was worried I was seeing and feeling things that weren’t there. The good news is the sun is meant to be with us for another couple of days at least, and that means that we need to talk about sun care. So, for Tested Thursday this week, I’m trying out a sun care oil spray from Clarins.

I suffer from the terrible condition called “good Irish skin”. That means I burn at the mere thought of sunlight, and also means that I tend to bathe in a factor 50+ spray. It stops me from burning, but also stops me from getting any colour whatsoever. That has good and bad side effects. However, with this having arrived in my basket a few weeks ago, I broke it out, along with a couple of maxi dresses and got to work (enjoying the sun for work – I love this job, pity it isn’t sending me to the Med to enjoy the sun though)


This offering from Clarins is a high protection UVA/UVB with sun protection factor 30. It is a fairly large bottle (150ml) and contains a dry oil spray, which is different from the cream sprays I normally use. Clarins state that this can be used on body and hair (I just used it on my body), that is a transparent dry oil with no oily feel. It is made with organic Nyamplung oil (a sacred tree from Indonesia they tell me). The oil helps boost the look of a radiant tan, leaving the body satin-smooth and is water and perspiration resistant.


The spray pump on the top of the bottle sprays quite wide, so either stand away from anything precious, or keep it quite close to your skin. The wide spray does help to evenly distribute it over your skin though!


When you spray it on, it takes so little effort to work it into the skin. With some you have to work unbelievably hard to work it in, and still end up with a slight white coat on. This literally takes seconds to rub in and you’re done, a delight really. It, true to word, doesn’t leave you with an oily feel either. That said, it does look lovely on the skin, leaving behind a radiant sheen.

The scent is really pleasing with a light fresh smell, ideal for something you will be reapplying all day. It is not overpowering, and perfect to go with your favourite summer perfume.

Finally, we have to do the burn test. As in, I’ve been wearing it for the past 2 days in the sun. Did I suffer sunburn? Simple answer – no. Even wearing short sleeves and walking around Dublin for a few hours, my arms have not suffered any kind of sunburn or irritation. They do have a slight colour, which is a big plus.

This does live up to everything Clarins says it does. I actually can’t fault it. A fabulous product!


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