Jun. 13.

Tested Thursday: Celine Dion All For Love Perfume

celinedion-thApologies for this belated Tested Thursday post. I was meant to write it last night, and sat down at my desk to do just that, and instead promptly fell asleep. So, for Tested Thursday on Friday, I’m looking at a celebrity perfume, in this case Celine Dion All For Love perfume, which is made by COTY.


The first thing you see, as always is the packaging. In this case we have a taupe and cream circular pattern box, with a huge Celine Dion signature in the centre, leaving us in no doubt of who is endorsing this. This whole celebrity endorsement thing continues on the back of the box with a photo of the lady herself, with another signature. The name of the perfume, “All For Love” that it’s an EDT, and the size all take a back seat to it being one of Celine Dion’s perfumes.


Opening the box we get to the bottle, which I’ll honestly say is nothing much to write home about. It’s a fairly simple rectangular bottle, with yet another signature, and an embossed, flowing female form on the reverse. We also have a gold accented top and a circular lid. It was all going well until we got to this point. I could live with the signature, but it would be better off without it, yet the top and lid are plastic, and both look & feel cheap. They really let the whole thing down, and that is very unfortunate.

As for the actual perfume, things do get better. It’s listed as having the following notes:

Top notes: Freesia, Mandarin, Green Notes
Heart: Rose, Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Cedar
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Veltivier, Musk

Having been sniffing a cotton ball that was sprayed with the perfume some 20 hours ago, I initially got a slightly sweet smell, yet not overly so, while now it has mellowed into a rich, more warming scent, that I’m actually really liking. It’s rich enough to do for evening and night, without being so rich as to take it out of daytime use. It is quite a good all rounder.

Overall, this is really nice for a celebrity perfume, or at least the perfume itself is. I just couldn’t see myself taking this bottle out of my handbag to reapply during the day, as it just looks far too cheap. Use it in the morning before I go out, yes, but I’d be more inclined to bring a different perfume with me.

Celine Dion All For Love perfume has a RRP of €17.95

Have you tried this perfume, and what do you think of it? What celebrity perfumes do you like? Please do let me know.


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  • The heart and base notes of this have caught my attention. I must give it a sniff when next in a pharmacy.

    Sarah Jessica Parker’s Covet, Beyonce’s Heat and Kylie Minogue’s Music Box have all had a place among my perfumes at some point. Really good fragrances at a decent price. My favourite celebrity perfume is Isabella by Isabella Rossellini. It’s now discontinued. *sad face* I do have a couple of bottles though, thanks to some of the women who comment on Beaut.ie.

    • I actually do recommend you stick your nose into this. It smells really quite delicious. I’m just annoyed that the bottle looks so cheap.

      I’m also not one to go for celebrity perfumes usually (most smell like a sweet explosion) but I may have to have a sniff of the ones you recommended.

  • Will do. I’ve seen it in the pharmacy before, but never thought to try it. Maybe because the bottle didn’t catch my attention.

    Yeah, I often find celebrity scents far too sweet. The ones I mentioned lean more towards the musky end of things (Music Box is the sweetest, but not overly sweet and it turns musky). I think they’re all made my COTY too.

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