Jun. 14.

Something Else Saturday: Tutorial – Water Marble Nails

nails-thThis week for Something Else Saturday I’m doing a nail tutorial. One that is actually quite fun and can be done so many ways, but the essentials are all the same. It’s one that you can experiment so many ways with. I’m going to show you the basics of doing water marbling nails.


1. You’ll need some bits and pieces for this. Firstly, you’ll need a glass of water. Now, don’t  use the good crystal glasses, as they will get destroyed. You’re better off getting a cheap old glass that you wont mind ruining. The one I’m using I got in Tiger for €1 for two. You’ll also need some cocktail sticks (12 – 15) some tape (I have a roll of electrical insulating tape for this) some nail polish, and some nail polish remover (not pictured).


2. Prep your nails as normal for a mani. Get them the shape and length you want, and wipe them down with nail polish remover. Then using your tape, you want to wrap around the skin around your nails, probably down to the first knuckle. If you have to, after you have applied the tape, use a nail scissors to trim anywhere where it comes close to the nail, just so the nail bed is completely clear.



3. Taking the first polish you are using, drop a small drop of the polish into the water. It may sink a little before rising to the surface and expanding outwards. Then continue by doing the same with another colour, into the centre of the first circle. Continue as many times as you want.


cocktail-stick4. Taking a cocktail stick, draw it through the different colour circles, starting to blend them together. What I did here is a series of flicks through the layers.

5. Choose a section of the pattern that looks good to you, and gently lower your nail into it, keeping your nail nearly horizontal. Then, using your cocktail stick, start to clear away any of the unused polish, by brushing it away from the nail. I find a twirling motion on the stick between two fingers helps to draw everything together. Once it’s clear of your nail, you can remove your nail from the water.


6. Repeat for the rest of your fingers.


7. After giving them a  few minutes to dry you can peel away the tape. This helps to cut down on a lot of cleanup, as a lot of the mess disappears with the tape. Tidy up any more mess with nail polish remover.


8. Finally apply a layer of your favourite topcoat to protect the work and add shine. Be gentle with the topcoat, as there is only a thin layer of polish on your nails.

Note: Some experimentation will be required to find out which polishes you have work best for this. From trying it a few times though, the more pigmented the better. You could also give your nails an initial coat of polish to help the water marble stand out more.

I quite like how this is basically finger painting for big kids. It’s fun, (kinda) messy and you can create all manner of designs, just by varying how many colours, layers and blending you use.

Is this something you would try? Have you tried it before and how did it turn out for you? Have you any suggestions you could add? Let me know if you do!


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  • I’ve seen this loads but never actually known how to do it. I’m totally going to give it a go now! Might pick up a few cheap varnishes in bright colours as I mainly have the same dark shades. Means I can add brights without it being scary! 😀

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