Jun. 09.

Manicure Monday: Coral Two Ways

rimmel-thWith the weather pretending to be summery on and off for the past while, it would be wrong of me to not continue with summery colours. This week for Manicure Monday, I have two shades that are the same, but oh so different. From Rimmel’s Salon Pro by Kate range, I’m doing coral two ways.


The polishes I’m looking at are both corals, but one is a pink coral, in this case shade 244 – Goddess, and an orange coral, 705 – Reggae Splash.

The Salon Pro line are formulated with Lycra, and offer up to 10 day wear with a gel like finish. The brush is thick and fairly wide, which fans out to cover the entire nail quite well, but I’d still tend to do my nails with the standard 3 swipe technique (centre, left, right – for those of you wondering).

I did find that the polishes require a bit of work to get a proper finish, and they are prone to smudging for the first while afterwards, so impatient ladies like myself really need not apply. If you do manage to sit for a while and do nothing it does dry to a lovely finish, and  for the most part looks very even. The orange one was a little patchy though. I’ll have to take a bit more time with it next time to see if it was just me working too quickly. I also haven’t done a proper wear  test yet, so I can’t say if the 10 day wear time is accurate.


As for how it looks? I’m actually very pleased with how Goddess turned out. I think it is the more wearable of the two colours, on fingers at least, while Reggae Splash may do better on my toes. What would really help it though, is a decent tan. I’ll have to sort hat out soon.

Have you tried any of the Rimmel Salon Pro by Kate range? What do you think of it, and which shades do you rate (I also have a purple, 444 – Seduce on my shelf ready to be tried)? The comment line is open.


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