May. 29.

Tested Thursday: Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm

colorburst-thI’m a firm believer in having a lipstick for every occasion, and then some for no occasion at all, except for you felt like wearing it. That’s why I have such a wide ranging collection. One I tend to have a few of on the go, though, is the Colorburst range from Revlon. This particular one is from their lacquer balm range, and is shade 150 – Enticing.


There are 10 shades in this particular range, running from browns to pinks, nudes, corals, berry and red. There really is a shade to suit everyone. The packaging is similar to the Clinique Chubby Sticks, or Revlon’s own Just Bitten Kissable balm stains. It’s very simple packaging. It’s a twisty crayon type product in a shiny tube, as are all the lacquer balms. The matte ones have a matte finish tube – great when rooting in a drawer for the right product.


The product itself is quite slippery, and feels very moisturising. This is due to what Revlon call their “Triple Butter Complex” of shea, coconut and mango butters. It feels light and nourishing when swatched on my hand. It doesn’t feel heavy or clogging and has really great pigmentation.


As for it on the lips? It really feels dreamy. It’s all cushony and velvety and is delightful to wear, with a sheen more so than a shine. I could really wear this kind of thing forever and be happy.


But, as it’s Tested Thursday, I can’t just leave it at that. I have to actually put the product through its paces and find out what it can do. Today I’m doing a wear test. Prior to writing this I had been out looking at products from Mary Kay and Lush. It meant getting dressed up and looking pretty for a few hours. Between going out and coming home, it was on for about 6 hours. And there was a lot of talking and hugs and trying to look good. And the good news is it held up remarkably well. It looked as good as when I first put it on. However, I had not been eating or drinking in that time, which I did when I got home.

This is where things took a disappointing turn. In between having a beer (it was cold, I was not) and eating the leftover Chinese food from everyone elses dinner, the lacquer balm kind of disappeared. By the time I was done, and I’m not (much) of a messy eater, there was nothing left. No stain, no patchy lipstick, nothing.

So, the results. The pigmentation, feel and colour are all amazing. Really difficult to beat. However, to get wear out of it, you need to be one of these strange people who can get through the day without eating or drinking. I’m certainly not one of these people, and for that reason I’ll be making sure that any time I wear this I have it close at hand for touch-ups in between meals.


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