May. 22.

Tested Thursday: Lacura CC Cream

tt-lacura-thI first saw this Lacura CC Cream over on Karen’s lovely blog, Beating Myself Into a Dress in April, and as it’s been sitting in my review basket next to me for a while, I decided to finally see if it is as she says it is. And well, is it? Lets read on and find out.


For those of you who don’t know, Lacura is Aldi’s makeup and skincare brand. And by all accounts they do have some great products at an amazing price, including one that is considered a near dupe for Lancome’s Touche Eclat. That’s a good start, so this should be pretty good, you would hope.


One thing that does stand out for me straight away though, is that on the box it’s declared as being for “All Skin Tones” while on the tube itself it’s only for “All Skin Tone”. I know that is a minor thing, but as someone who used to work doing design work, it bothers me. The box also declares, right on the front, that it gives “Flawless overage, Naturally radiant complexion, Moisturising complex, and UVA/UVB protection with SPF 15”

tube-infoOn the back of the box and tube they have the standard selling spiel about how products are carefully formulated with the finest ingredients etc. etc. and informs us that the product “conceals small blemishes and irregularities and therefore ensures a flawless, naturally radiant complexion” while “Intelligent colour pigments adept to the skin and create a matt finish”.


Here’s where I get confused. Surely radiant and matte are different things, one bright, the other dull? How can it do both bright and dull at once? Okay, but how does it get on with its other claims?

  • Flawless coverage: Definitely. The coverage from this is so complete you could hide everything¬†under it and it would never be found.
  • Moisturising: Yeah, it felt nice going on to my skin, didn’t feel drying.
  • All skin tones: Moving swiftly along.
  • Conceals blemishes and irregularities: Oh yes. Again looking at the coverage, it will hide anything you want it to hide.

Now, I did skip over one claim there. The all skin tone one. I think the time has come to answer it. Brace yourself.


That is my hand. That is the CC cream on my hand, and just for comparison, that’s a stripe wiped back off with a cotton pad. It’s BROWN. Not adapting to my skin tone, not anywhere close to my skin tone. It’s just brown. So, that’s the all skin tones part failed, miserably.

For the purposes of Tested Thursday you usually get to see the product where it is meant to go, in this case, my face. I’m sorry, I just can’t bring myself to do it. This is not going near my face, unless there was a big payday at the end of it, or I was looking for brown facepaint.

Lacura, I’m sorry. It’s a certain no from me for this. You offer so much on the box, but if it doesn’t stand a chance of ever coming close to my skintone it will just never work. Maybe next time.


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