May. 15.

Tested Thursday: Inecto Pure Argan Hand Cream

inecto-thI must have a gallon of hand cream sitting around me at this stage, even though it’s something I so rarely buy for myself. These things just keep arriving in my review box through various means, and it would be wrong of me to not at least try them, before deciding it’s the one (of many) for me, or whether it gets passed along to other family members. That means, the latest one to go through the process is this pure Argan hand cream by Inecto.


This one came to me, along with a number of others, via U Magazine. It looked interesting, so it was first on the list. It comes in a fairly substantial 75ml tube, and is fairly plain. There’s no cheesy graphics or wild claims adorning the front of the tube, which is usually a good sign. The less it needs to boast, the better I’ve found it, in most cases.


On the back is a little spiel (seen in the pic above) about how Argan oil is known as “liquid gold” and has been used for moisturising properties for centuries. It also tells me to massage it into hands and nails as often as required. So THAT’S how you use hand cream!


The cream itself, is not overly rich or thick. It flows out of the tube really well with just a slight squeeze, so it is quite easy to overdo it if you’re not careful. It does not take much to generously coat both hands. It sinks in quite well, with most of it sinking in almost instantly. It does take a little while for the lot of it to sink in fully, so if you wash your hands too quickly afterwards, you will still feel it on your hands, and will have to redo it afterwards. It also doesn’t really smell of, well, anything. That in itself is slightly disappointing. I’m still looking for something to compare to my L’Occitane Desert Rose hand cream or Natural Soap Company one, both of which are scented enough to give your nose a treat while using it, without ending up overpowering you.

Finally, the results. Is the liquid gold doing anything for my hands? Well, yes, but nothing more than any other hand cream I’ve ever tried. This one is really nothing special. Nice, yes, but nothing that I wouldn’t get from other ones. I may just end up passing this one along too, as I am eyeing up a jar of Burt’s Bees that’s sitting on my shelf at the moment. Alas, the search continues.


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