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Tested Thursday: Benefit They’re Real Mascara

tt-theyrereal-thThere are some products in the beauty world that massively polarise opinion. One of them is the subject of today’s Tested Thursday. It’s a definite Marmite product (you either love it or hate it).  Today’s Tested Thursday is a mascara by Benefit. It’s called They’re Real, and the question I’m here to answer is do I love it, or do I hate it.


Firstly, I’m not enamoured by the marketing material for it. If there wasn’t a small picture of the mascara there I wouldn’t ever tie the ad poster to a beauty product, and even then, it’s ambiguous. Fortunately, I’m not reviewing the advertising. I’m reviewing the mascara itself, which, according to the box resulted in tests of 94% seeing dramatic length and volume, 90% seeing base to tip curl, 94% seeing visible lift and 100% seeing long wearing results. A mascara that does all that, and makes tea too? (not really) They claim too that the special brush, which you use horizontally, then vertically, is a wonder tool.


Let’s look at the brush for a second. Here it is, in all its rubbery spikiness. Note particularly the spiky bit on the end, which you use to curl and separate the lashes. Yes, that bit that seems to be coated in a massive amount of mascara. This is where things get a bit iffy. You do your mascara thing normally, holding the brush horizontally, wiggling it a bit as you draw it from root to tip. Then you are meant to hold the brush vertically and stroke the lashes upwards to add curl and separate. And well, it does work… Kinda. You have to be quite careful here, partly to avoid poking yourself in the eye, and partly to ensure you don’t over coat the lashes with the mascara that gathers on the end. It does add a bit of extra curl, but if you overdo it, all the extra mascara on the end has a tendency to start sticking lashes together in to clumps, which is never a good look. Layering it, while it works, and does add extra oomph to your lashes, is also tricky, again due to adding so much more mascara and the risk of clumping. I’ve never tried going beyond 2 coats, just because I fear it clumping too much and having to start again, which brings me on to my next good/bad point. When this thing sets, it DOES. NOT. MOVE! It’s great in wear, as it is not going to transfer or run down your cheeks (though some people do note flakiness), but when it comes to removal, it is a battle. Your Nima Mitt/Cleanse Off Mitt/similar will not do a job on this. You will need to break out the big guns, and be prepared for both a struggle, and to be panda eyed while you try to get the whole lot off your eyes.


Finally, no review would be complete without seeing it on the eyes. This is a 1 coat picture (mascara on the right), and it does a good job. It, to me, does add some curl, and a bit of length and volume. You can build it a bit more for a night out, but this is a daytime picture. I can understand how this polarises opinion. It is not the easiest product to use, but when it works for you you get excellent results. It also shows how one product can work for one person, and not for another. But to answer the love it or hate it question, for me, I love it.

They’re Real costs €26, and is available from Benefit counters nationwide.


Note: In answer to the Marmite question – I hate it.

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  • breigeflynn says:
    May 1, 2014 at 8:51 pm - Reply

    I have this and quite like it. But I got it as a present in a set, a small version of it. Not sure I’d splash out the €26 for it!

    • I think with the Benefit mascaras you may be better off with the smaller ones. They get quite expensive if you don’t use them enough before they dry out.

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