Apr. 02.

Waffle Wednesday: The Pyjama Run

ww-hospitalthGreetings from the friendly and cosy surroundings of St. Vincent’s Hospital, where I am currently incarcerated for the crime of having a rare polyp. My sentence is indefinite. I could be sitting here until Friday. I could be sent home to sit there for weeks. Or, I could be doing the pyjama run.

What, I hear you screeching at the screen, is the pyjama run. In simple terms, as it was put by my registrar, it involves me going home for a couple of days, coming back in on the day of my scan, in my pyjamas, and acting like I never left. (Side note: I perfected that look of abject boredom that’s needed during my last stay. 10 days straight of nothing. No tests, just seeing nurses twice a day to make sure I was still here).

Yes, they might send me home for a couple of days, and bring me back when needed, for a CT scan. A posh X-Ray. I’m sat in one of the (supposedly) best hospitals in the country, with 70+ consultants, numerous lower doctors and countless nursing and support staff (who do a spectacular job, which I love them for) yet we can’t get a CT scan within a day, or even 2 days, for an inpatient. It’s taking most of a week, if not longer (Friday is provisional).

Why is it that we have 70+ consultants here, on €100,000+ a year, each, yet we are so crippled that we have to play scheduling roulette and swap the paperwork just to get routine scans done? Why is it that if I get discharged, an outpatient appointment for the same scan is possibly 3 months away? I came to hospital to get better, yet by the time they have this sorted (and this itself may require a further wait, referral, wait and treatment at another hospital) I’ll be needing treatment for a whole raft of stress related problems. I just want to be able to get treated and get on with my life. Is that too much to ask of our healthcare system?

Now, I can’t fault the medical staff here. They are doing what they can to get things done. The trouble is the whole system needs fixing. The HSE need to realise that there are 2 ways to save money, one of which, by cutting staff, they have exhausted. It’s time to look at making the whole process more efficient. If another scanner will allow them to see more patients, more efficiently, reducing wait times and cutting down on illness benefit payments, surely they can balance it over the life of the scanner.

Until our health service overseers wake up and smell the shit that has to be dealt with on the frontlines, I, and many others, willl be stuck on the pyjama run.


Note: I am not an expert. I am writing feelings in this post.

Note 2: If I am making the pyjama run on Friday, I’ll be sure to wear my good pyjamas. And a dressing gown. It’s cold in the mornings.

Update: Between last night and this morning it has been decided that I am on the pyjama run. Which means a bit of fun and games, but I’m not sitting about for a couple of days.

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