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Apr. 23.

Waffle Wednesday: So It Begins…

ww-posters-thThere is one sight that fills me with absolute dread. A sight that I saw yesterday as I left the train station on my way home. A sight of many smiling, supposedly trustworthy faces looking at me from the lamp posts. So it begins… Election Poster season.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like elections, and this one will be particularly interesting. I absolutely despise election posters and leaflets though. The sight of so many posters from so many people trying to convince me that they are worth the coveted Vote 1, that they work for the community all the time, makes me want to not go outside until it’s time to vote.

Image credit: Reuters via

Image credit: Reuters via

There is one particular candidate, a sitting councillor, who in a recent leaflet drop through the door, and ad campaign in our local newsletter magazine, claimed that she works for the community all the time, not just at elections. The funny thing is, the last time I saw her, it was roughly 5 years ago, smiling at me from a poster no less. Then we have other candidates, who believe that the best way to make a name for themselves is to be disruptive, to jump on every single bandwagon going, in the hopes that one of them will end up doing something.

Driving during election poster season quite literally drives me insane. Driving in Dublin or its suburbs, or indeed any city can be tricky enough at times without the added distraction of election posters. Was that the turn that I was meant to take? You know, the one that was hidden by the poster. Or is that a road sign among the election posters there? Did I just crash into the back of someone while looking at a poster of someone I’m not going to vote for? It is absolute madness at times, where rules regarding their placement are loosely interpreted, or simply disregarded.

Image Credit: Niall Carson/PA Archive via

Image Credit: Niall Carson/PA Archive via

Maybe we should look at following the lead of some councils in Scotland, and a handful of towns in Ireland, who have banned the erection of election posters on public property. Hopefully that would then make the people who want our votes actually work for it, visiting the electorate, and face to face proving that they are the right people for the job, that they have done, and will continue to support the communities that they claim to represent. It’s on that basis that I’ll be voting, and not on the basis of oh I remember that name from the many hundred election posters I’ve seen of them.

What are your views on election posters? Are they a nuisance, or a necessary part of the democratic process? Are candidates in your area making extraordinary claims that they can’t back up? Let me know in the comments below.


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