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Apr. 09.

Waffle Wednesday: I Don’t Know What To Say Here

ww-wafflethI really don’t know what to type here. I’m having one of those days. It’s not that I’ve not been productive, because I have. I worked through some issues with a UPC technician. I went for a walk. I bought potatoes and brought them home on the train. I just don’t know what to write about for Waffle Wednesday today, even though I want to do an insightful post.

Do you have days like that? Days where you want to write/paint/do something, but for the life of you, you can’t make yourself do it? It’s something that happens to me from time to time, and unfortunately it usually means the blog suffers. I am trying to work through it though. I am trying to relax and let words flow, seeing where it takes me. I’ve even been getting out of the house to do things that I have to do, avoiding thinking about what I have to write for the blog for a while. I’ve found that trying to force myself to write doesn’t work. If I’m not feeling it, there is no way that I will write something useful,  no matter how hard I try.

A lot of it has to do with state of mind. If I’m wound up about something, I can’t concentrate enough on what I want to write, or even writing something. I find my mind somewhere else and not on what I’m doing. This tends to make me more frustrated, and as I get wound up more and more it becomes more and more difficult to write what I want to write. Eventually it is easier to walk away from it for a little while, do something else and clear your mind. Going for a walk, to the shops for a look around, or playing a game are great options, as they’re enjoyable, a distraction, and help me to relax. I also have been known to stop and listen to music for a while, before continuing to write, leaving the music on. It is amazing how listening to your favourite music can change your state of mind (though I have been known to end up miming and chair dancing too) allowing you to get back to what you’re doing.

Now I have a question for you. Do you ever suffer from not knowing what to write, or have difficulty writing, even when you know what you want to write? What are your best ways around it? How do you get yourself in the right frame of mind to write something. Please do share your expertise!



Note: On reflection it appears I’ve just written an insightful post on not being able to write an insightful post. Go me!

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