Apr. 01.

Tried Tuesday: Accessorize Baked Shadow Duo

tt-shadowthI may be in hospital, but that won’t stop me from blogging (I took photos in advance – go me!) and it’s another Tried Tuesday. Like last week I have a product that I used to love, but which has been languishing in a drawer for some time. It’s one of the Accessorize Baked Shadow Duos.


This particular duo, Freya is a light champagne gold, and a deeper reddy brown. Application is simple, where you can use one side, two sides separately, or just swipe down the middle and use both together. I prefer using both sides separately, with the gold over the whole lid and the brown blended into the crease.



This is a really great shadow to jump for in daytime, when you don’t have long to get ready, as you don’t need to do much with it. A couple of swipes and you’re done. In that sense it goes well with last week’s Glamshine gloss as a fast face product!

What do you think of this colour? Have you tried much of the Accessorize makeup line, and what else would you recommend? Would you like to see me do a fast face for Face Friday? Let’s go to the comments!


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  • I haven’t tried any of their makeup, must take a look!

  • It doesn’t look overly sparkly on you, which I had imagined it would from seeing it in the pan. Definitely much more daytime friendly than I assumed it would be (and you know I love my sparkly eyeshadow!)

  • I’ve never actually gone to accessorize for makeup, that’s a whole shop I’ve been missing out on by the looks of things. Baked shadows are everywhere at the moment. These shades are so pretty, definitely will go in just to see this.

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