Before, featuring hairy caterpillar eye adornment!
Apr. 10.

Tested Thursday: Eyebrow Threading at Shavata Brow Studio, Dundrum

tt-shavatathI’ve been neglecting my brows.  I know, I’m awful and will hand back my beauty blogger card for such a heinous crime in a moment. They haven’t been touched since October. I’ve had other things to be dealing with though, and my eyebrows dropped on the list of priorities. My hair is still on the to-do list, but that’s another story. I did, however, rectify the brow problem today at the Shavata Brow Studio in Harvey Nichols, Dundrum.

For those of you not in the know, eyebrow threading, or any kid of threading, involves removing the hair follicle using a fine cotton thread. Like tweezing it pulls out the hair  from the follicle, so none is left behind. Unlike tweezing, it removes short lines of hairs at once, so it is quicker, and professionals can be very accurate with it, allowing them to shape your brows with the thread. It is not pain free, there is some level of discomfort involved, but it is short lived and in no way unbearable.

Before, featuring hairy caterpillar eye adornment!

Before, featuring hairy caterpillar eye adornment!

I was fortunate that even though I was a walk up client someone was immediately available, and after a brief discussion on how I wanted it to look, I took off my glasses, sat back and let her get on with it.

A little while later, we were done with the thread, and after tweezing away a couple of stray hairs, and applying a little soothing gel I was pronounced good to go.

After, with nicely structured, healthy looking brows

After, with nicely structured, healthy looking brows

What do you think? I believe it has made a real improvement. It hasn’t really thinned out the brows, they still look nice and full, but they look so much more structured, like I actually care about them. They no longer look like one hairy caterpillar sittinng on top of my eyes, so I think that’s a win.

Eyebrow threading at Shavata costs €20, and with their loyalty card, after every 5, you get your 6th free.

What’s your preferred method of eyebrow shaping? Are you a DIY kind of girl? Where do you go to get yours done, and how often? Let me know in the comments.


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  • Fantastic results, I’ve never tried threading but I definitely would! I got mine waxed once years ago and since then I’ve just maintained the shape by plucking anything that grows inside the area that was waxed that time. I fill them in with a medium brown powder just to make them a bit tidier looking, I’m pretty happy with my eyebrows I have to say!

    • I’ve never developed the skill of maintaining mine properly. I can keep it going for a while, but eventually need professional help again.

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