Apr. 24.

Tested Thursday: Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze

tt-cocoabrown-thI’ve become a bit of a tan addict. Well, ever since trying the original 1 hour tan by Cocoa Brown. However, being the lazy type, I’m always looking for shortcuts. Which is why I’m really interested in the new Gentle Bronze moisturiser and gradual tanner from Ireland’s tanning powerhouse (they were at the Oscars, don’t you know?)

Reading the back of the generous 200 ml tube you see the usual barcodes, contact information, social media icons, the fact that it’s not tested on animals, and the claim, up at the very top of the signature pink tube that “This silky body moisturiser hydrates skin while giving you a gently bronzed, healthy glow”. It also gives instructions to apply it to clean, dry skin every day, and to wash hands after use (nobody wants stained tan hands)


Now, there is really only one way to test a product like this, and that’s to use it, so, on Sunday night, after a long leisurely shower, I dried myself off and got to work with the tube. The first thing that hits me is the scent of Tahitian Gardenia that is to be found in all Cocoa Brown products, followed by the fact that this is so easy to work with. I started with my feet and legs and worked up, as it seemed like the easiest way to avoid missing anything. It sank in really easily, and after just a few minutes I was ready to put on my pyjamas. There was really no colour at first, but overnight it developed to more of a glow than a tan. It is nothing too intense, so there is no need to be scared of it. I’ve just been using regular moisturiser for a couple of days and the tan is holding up really well too, but I think it’s time to use it again, just to go a bit darker. With the fact that you can use it as often as you want to either build up a tan, or maintain it, I’m finding Gentle Bronze to be a real winner of a product from Cocoa Brown.


Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze costs €5.99 and is available from all Cocoa Brown Stockists.

What do you think of Gentle Bronze? Have you a favourite product from the Cocoa Brown Range? Is there a gradual tanner you swear by? Let me know in the comments.


Note: Product was provided for review.

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  • I’m the same, lazy to a fault but this is so handy and quick that I’m suddenly looking forward to my showers to slather more on!

    Woo for lazy tan, I guess Gentle Bronze was a better name though!

    • I dunno, lazy tan does exactly what it says! Marketing it is a bit of a pain though.

      That said Gentle Bronze is an amazing product.

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