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Apr. 25.

Something Else Saturday: My New & Improved Workspace

SES-IKEA-thI’m a nightmare for having things scattered across my desk. It was becoming a disaster zone. Nail polish, makeup, cotton balls, you name it, it was scattered across this giant slab of work space that my dad crafted for me along with the wardrobe. Eventually I got sick of it (mainly of nail polish bottles rolling across the desk, only to be saved at the last minute) and decided to do something about it. That’s where the big blue furniture shop came to help.

Yes, I logged on to the website of the wonderful Swedish export that is IKEA to see what I could do on a pretty tight budget. This is the result:

workspace 2

Pretty nice, no? This is actually super simple to do. The canvas I had previously bought from Tiger, and using a sharp knife, cut corners in the canvas to hold pictures. The nail polishes are sat on RIBBA picture ledges (1150 mm – product 501.525.95), mitred in the corner to provide an almost even corner (but the walls are crooked on both sides). That is what 117 polishes, 8 base/top coats and a handful of hand creams look together, sat 2 deep, so soon I’ll need more shelves.

workspace 3

The wall decoration is made using 2 packs of wall stickers from the SLATTHULT range, the tree and cherry blossoms (product 502.789.34) and the butterflies (product 501.605.73) providing much needed colour to an otherwise dull wall. I should have actually done the tree before hanging the shelves, as I needed to feed some branches behind it, but it still works so incredibly well. It’s also very me, as I just so happen to have a butterfly and cherry blossoms tattooed on my foot. The wall decoration was a bank breakingly expensive €11.50.

workspace skubb

For storage, a major problem on my desk, I found a great set of baskets/boxes of varying sizes, from the SKUBB range (purple product 202.508.04 – other colours available) I currently have 4 of these on the desk, 1 large, 1 medium and 2 small. The ones not in use have been folded up out of the way, and when you unfold them you just zip up the bottom to keep them in shape. So much organised storage for €7.

Under the desk, which you can’t really see, is a cabinet containing odd bits and bobs, a subwoofer for my desk speakers, and, holding the bulk of my makeup collection is a HELMER (product 102.510.45) which I’ve had for a while.

workspace 4

As a bonus, while walking around the showroom, I spotted a side table, for an astonishing €6. At that price it would have been wrong to leave it behind, right? So it made its way to the checkout with me. I should have been paying more attention, but I wasn’t and only found out when I got home that this table was actually high gloss white, and not normal white (what’s the difference?) and actually cost €11. A phone call to IKEA customer service (in the UK) and we decided that as someone in store put the table in the wrong place, they would refund the difference. I just need to wait for a call back from the refund team.

workspace lack

The table is from the LACK range (high gloss white 601.937.36, white 200.114.13 – other colours/finishes available) the lamp and plant/pot are older IKEA purchases, the magazines are my own and just make the picture look a bit more classy.

Total spent on my new workspace – €44.50.

What do you think of my new work space? Has it given you any inspiration, or is there anything you would do differently? I’ll be available to discuss it below!


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