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Apr. 28.

Let’s Talk Blog Challenge: Day in the Life

FOTD-BgGood evening and welcome to week 1 of the Let’s Talk Blog Challenge, arranged by the absolutely wonderful Sarah from At The Beauty Desk. Week 1 is a very simple introduction to me, through a day in my life, and is full of pictures. So, lets begin.


It all starts here each day, with my room. Not much to see, bed is there, wardrobe is there, computer is there, and the window is over there. Sitting in front of the wardrobe is the first task of the day.


It’s laundry day. Well, in fact every other day has some kind of laundry being done. I gather it up and carry it downstairs, trying not to be tripped up, or step on, the 1 eyed, schizophrenic, South African…


Cat. This is Rascal, our first furry friend, who has a long and varied history (read about it here). On the way, I have to stop in the kitchen and put on the kettle, as I’m in need of tea or coffee or something. Finally I make it to the washing machine out in the utility room, where I’m met by Patch.


Patch is always happy to see everyone, and just wants to play, which can be great fun as he is part dalmatian, part spaniel, completely daft and all muscle. He also has part floppy ears, so whenever he tried to make them stand up, the tops of them just keep falling over. After getting laundry in to the machine, on to the washing line, playing with Patch for a couple of minutes, making tea and getting some breakfast its back upstairs to get some work done.


It’s a Monday, and that means it’s manicure day on the blog. This week I have something ready prepared, otherwise I sit down, look at the shelf of polish (now 122 unique bottles) and decide what I’d like. I then photograph it and get working on the blog post, stopping at least a dozen times to read a link that has come up on Twitter or make a funny comment. I also have to stop Β to do lots of tea making (I need tea).

And there you have my day. The rest of the week follows pretty much the same schedule, sometimes without laundry, sometimes with an event or shops to go to.

What’s your average day like? Please say it’s more interesting than mine. Either way please do let me know in a comment.


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