Mar. 15.

Something Else Saturday: Meet Rascal

SE-CatWelcome to Something Else Saturday. The name says it all really. Saturday is a day to share something that isn’t about beauty. It cold be a song, a film, dinner, or in today’s case, an animal.

Yes, that’s right. Today I’d like to introduce you to Rascal, our four legged owner. I say that because, while dogs have masters, cats have slaves.

Rascal, though we nicknamed her Madiba, or just Mad, joins us from South Africa. She’s nicknamed Madiba because she’s South African and has endured great hardship. She’s been:

  • Mauled by a dog – survived
  • Nursed back to health
  • Emigrated
  • 6 months in quarantine
  • Hit by a car – lost an eye
  • Nursed back to health
  • Moved around a bit, before settling with us

When she got here we were told that she didn’t talk, didn’t jump, didn’t climb, didn’t eat meat, didn’t go outside, didn’t do anything really. Now we’re wondering if my sister was talking about the same cat. Mad does all of these and acts like she runs the house. When she’s not being fed or prowling around the garden (or picking fights with the dog through the door – but the dog ignores her) she can almost always be found asleep on my parents bed.

Anyway, enough waffling about the cat. Let’s get some pictures.


What interesting stories do your animals have? Anything to compare to my mad moggy Mad? Tell me about them in the comments!


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