Mar. 04.

Review and Swatches: Flowering Passion, by Precious Polish

pp-bottle-thThere are a few things I really love, like purple, and nail polish. So when Irish beauty blogger Anita created her own nail polish brand, Precious Polish, I jumped at the chance to try one, and ended up with Flowering Passion.

Firstly, a little about the polish. Precious Polish is “5 free” so it doesn’t contain any nasty DPB, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene  or Camphor. Personally I found the polish to be a little thick, but it spread well, and applied nicely. It is also quite sheer, but I got it to a very acceptable level of colour with 3 coats on top of a layer of CND Stickey base coat.


On the nails it is a stunning colour. It is super shiny, and when the light hits the glitter the polish really comes into its own. Every time it catches my eye it makes me smile, which is the point, really.

Unfortunately, wear time was a bit of an issue for me though. Polish chips. It happens and there’s nothing you can do about it. When it chips and then causes the rest of the polish to peel off the nail, it’s a little problem. This did happen on 1 nail, with a couple of small chips on other nails, and I’m now considering changing polish after 4 days of wear. This isn’t the worst in the world, and I’m sure we have all had experiences of high-end mass-produced polish that has chipped within hours.

Now, who wants to see some pictures? As always, pictures are taken both with and without flash. First up, without:


And now with.


This is a seriously gorgeous colour. Granted, I’ve had some problems with it, but when it comes to it, there are 2 questions I need to answer. Would I wear it again, and would I buy more Precious Polish? The answer to both is definitely YES.

What do you think of the colour? Do you have any Precious Polish, or do you think you would buy one? Let me know in the comments.



A sample was provided for review

NOTE: Since I received this bottle, the formula has been changed to reduce likelihood  of chipping. Just letting you know 😉

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