Mar. 06.

Best of Beauty: Princess Product

ud-thWelcome to week 5 of the Best of Beauty challenge, as set by the Superb Sam from All the Buzz (Side note: Did you see her new logo? I did that :-)) We’ve had Skincare Saviours, Hair Heroes, Makeup Must-Haves and Pamper Products. Now it’s the turn of Princess Products. Y’know, that one high end product you just can’t live without.

Now, on this I must note, I don’t really have much by way of Princess Products, as I really can’t afford nor justify spending so much on high end when chemist brands do so much too. That said, I do occasionally treat myself. I have a Chanel nail polish. Benefit is one of my favourite brands. But, I’m not talking about either of these today. What I’m going to talk about is a palette. A palette of remarkable beauty and use. A palette that is one of many sisters, and has countless cousins. It is of course the Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay.

UD case

When I’m looking for a neutral eye, I can make it up from numerous single or duo shadows, my Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Palette, or this beauty. And this is what I reach for time and time again, as it is just so versatile. 1 palette, too many combinations, that can be put together for any occasion, from day to night, office to party to bedroom. The fact that it also includes a brush is a bonus, as it then becomes a grab and go palette.

ud shadows

Okay, it’s €44 (or there about, depending on offers) but if you consider the fact that it’s for 12 shadows, brush, mini lipgloss and case it suddenly appears as great value for a truly exceptional palette.

So, do I have people reading this who love to get Naked? What are your Princess Products? Are you more of a cheap and cheerful girl? As always, the comments await!



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