Feb. 20.

Best of Beauty: Makeup Must Have

makeup-thWelcome to Week 3 of the Best of Beauty Challenge, as organised by Sam from All The Buzz. We’ve already had our skincare saviours and hair heroes. This week we’re talking Makeup Must-Haves.

As a blogger, there is a simple answer to this…



(Note: It took 30 minutes of set up and 20 of clear up for this 1 shot. I must be bloody crazy!)

On the other hand, there’s a good chance you can’t have everything, in which case I’ll have to narrow it down a bit. Let’s blue sky this one (thinking outside the box in marketing jargon). My makeup must have is actually not makeup at all! (Gasp! Shock Horror!) It is…


The makeup brush! I’ll admit that for a while I didn’t believe in them, and I’ll also admit that I was a right idiot for thinking it. My makeup application has improved so much from having the right tools, and I can get better results from not as high end makeup, than from not using brushes. If you’re not using makeup brushes, stop reading, go outside and kick yourself up and down the street for such a mistake. Then come back and we’ll continue. I’ll wait for you…

Back? Good! Yes, I know makeup brushes are expensive, and you may no be willing to fork out a huge amount in 1 go. I agree completely. There is, however, no excuse for not slowly building a collection. Buy one or two, or a small set at a time. That way you are building up a collection, without a huge initial outlay, and they can be  called an investment, as if taken care of, they will last forever!

So, do you agree with me? What are your favourite brushes? (I love my Blank Canvas set by the way!) Let me know below in the comments!


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Want to join in? Certainly do. Write up your “Best of Beauty” posts and share them with everyone on Twitter using the Hashtag #BOBBlogChallenge!

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