Jan. 13.

Swatch: China Glaze Red-y and Willing

nv66-thumbAs you know, I’m a bit of a nail polish addict, and when I posted my stash last night I said that I would eventually get around to swatching them all, but if there were any you wanted to see first, to let me know. Cuti-CLUE-les was first in line to ask for a swatch of China Glaze Red-y and Willing (ID in my stash list NV66). You should go check out her blog too, as she is even more of a polish magpie than I am.

Red-y and willing is, in the bottle, a deep red, wine like colour with a beautiful simmer to it. It’s not as in your face as a glitter, and is maybe a little more grown up as a result.



Taken without flash (and I apologise for the slightly blurred pic – fighting natural light and a little camera shake) you can see the richness of the colour. It really is a punchy, winey red, and is absolutely gorgeous!


Taken with flash it comes out slightly pinker, and you can see the shimmer more clearly. I am a big fan of another CG red – Ruby Pumps, but this gives it a definite run for it’s money. The first time I put this on my nails I fell in love.

Application notes: The China Glaze formula is superb. The polish is very runny and easy to move about, maybe a little too easy, but it dries well and was nicely opaque and highly pigmented in 2 coats, which you see in the photos.

What do you think. Are you red-y and willing to add this to your collection, or should I lay off the wine?


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