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Sleek i-Divine Celestial Palette

Sleek-ThumbI’m always on the hunt for gorgeous eyeshadows, yet, surprisingly, I didn’t have any Sleek palettes in my collection. I rectified that recently while browsing on Cloud 10, when I spied the Limited Edition Celestial Palette. I was buying a couple of things anyway and had heard many great things about Sleek, so I figured I should dive in and pick it up. Now I have it I can understand why they are so loved. You get so much for your €9.99, and the quality is excellent too.

For those of you who already know, you can skip the next sentence. In the palette, which comes in a simple black plastic case with a mirror in the lid, you get 12 shades and an applicator. The shades in this palette tend towards sparkly, with just a couple of matte shades in there. The name Celestial is a bit of a giveaway there though, and these shadows do twinkle like stars when the light hits them.

Sleek Case

Anyway, enough waffling from me about the shadows, why don’t we actually have a look at them.

These photos are taken both with and without flash, and due to photography problems I have not included swatches. I’ll need to dig out a macro lens for it and will try to redo them, but for now just take my word for it.


sleek set 1

Solar, Astral Blue, Stargaze & Saturn’s Ring: The shots with flash show just how sparkly these shadows are. What I also noticed is that when swatching them, some appeared lighter than when in the pan. Solar (top left) appears more purple in the pan but applies quite pink. Stargaze (bottom left) I found quite difficult to swatch as it is quite pale, but it is a gorgeous shimmery shadow that would make a great base. Astral Blue (top right) swatches really well, is dense with pigment and the glitter makes it sparkle beautifully, perfect for a night out. Saturn’s Ring (bottom right) is more purple despite coming up quite blue in the pan. I can see this getting great use.


sleek set 2

Aurora, Galactic, Meteoric & Terrestrial: Aurora (top left) does remind me of the northern lights. It is a great green, which again is packed with glitter. It perfectly fits if you’re going with green eyes with Terrestrial (bottom right). The problem I have with Terrestrial is it’s pigmentation. I’m quite pale, and swatching it on the back of my hand I could not get the colour to show up clearly. Maybe on top of a primer and as part of a couple of shades it will work better, but I think it’s quite weak. Meteoric (bottom left) is a matte shadow that looks quite like terracotta. It is very densely pigmented and looks delicously rich. Galactic (top right) is one of my favourite shadows in the palette. It’s an amazing metallic silver that I’ve used on the inside corner of my eye to open it up a little. I can also see it being used with some of the darker shades as part of a smoky eye.


Sleek Set 3

Earth Shine, Dark Matter, Lunar & Eclipse: The top 2, Earth Shine (Left) and Dark Matter (Right) are really amazing shades, from the dark navy glitter to the black glitter, that Sleek recommends as a liner. I can see it as that, or as part of a super sparkly smoky eye. Lunar (bottom left) is quite like Galactic, but is a bot more lilac. Again I would happily use this on the inner corner of the eye. Finally Eclipse looks like it could have come out of the Naked 2 palettte. It is a not quite neutral brown, and while it is sparkly it is not quite as sparkly as the others. Good for when you want a toned down sparkly eye.

So, that’s my introduction to the Celestial Palette. It’s safe to say that I love it and can’t wait to see what looks I can create with it. I also promise to figure out what went wrong with my swatches and to redo them. If you have any advice on the best way to do swatches, I’m all ears. My problem was getting the camera to focus properly.

What do you think of the Celestial palette. If you have it, what shades do you recommend? Are you thinking of getting it? What other Sleek palettes do I need to add to my shopping list? As always, the comment line is open!



The Sleek i-Divine Celestial Palette is €9.99 and is still available from Cloud10, a great place for me to spend some hard earned pennies.

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  • Sarah Dora says:
    January 20, 2014 at 10:09 am - Reply

    Oh wow – think those colours are too bright for me – can you do a tutorial – I’d love to see how you wear them?x

    • While the colours are certainly sparkly, not all of them are screaming bright, so I’m sure you will be able to find a good mix to wear.

      As for a tutorial, you’ll have to leave it with me. It normally takes me multiple attempts to get things right for myself, never mind blogging it x

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