Jan. 02.

Food, (Not So) Glorious Food

hospital_room_thHello all! I ended up watching The Terminal last night and had flashbacks to being stuck in hospital for 5 weeks in the run up to Christmas (I only went to the GP for a little while, and ended up stuck in Vincent’s. I could go anywhere in the building, but the outside world was closed)

That, of course, meant having to eat while I was there. The dreaded hospital food *horror scream*. At first I just ate it, but, as a result of being stuck doing nothing, literally nothing, for 10 days after surgery, I started to tweet pictures of meals, along with my condensed thoughts. I thought I would share some of those images with you again. Just because I can leave you profoundly disturbed by them too.

The Highs:

Roast Beef:



Okay, this might not look like the nicest roast dinner ever, and, well, it wasn’t, but for hospital food it was really enjoyable. The beef was nice and tender, not like a beef salad I had which had the consistency of well worn leather, and the only thing I could really fault on the plate was the cauliflower cheese, which could have benefited from the addition of cheese. Overall the roasted dinners were quite good, with the exception of one roast pork. They put apple sauce on it, then poured gravy on the apple sauce *cries*

Beef Pie:



Again, this one doesn’t look like much, but dishing out large tray pies into portions never leaves it looking great. This really was delicious! The pie was really tasty, the mash wasn’t too hard and the veg wasn’t hideously overcooked. Why couldn’t they serve food like that more often? I and I’m sure many other patients would be much happier!

The Lows:




This is what started me on the tweeting of meals. Seriously, this was billed as lasagne, but it was missing everything that makes it lasagne, like layers, pasta and creamy white sauce? It was eaten (hey, I was hungry) but certainly not enjoyed.




Yes, this is a picture of an empty table. I was fasting that day :-(

The Downright Ugly:

Saving the worst for last here. Scroll down if you dare:

Risotto (yeah, right):



This was billed as “risotto”. I’m calling it Sahara dry fried rice, with some kind of overcooked mushroom. Honestly, if you’re going to offer me risotto, give me risotto, not this disgusting mess. An agency care assistant, when shown this picture, gagged, then said it looked like maggots. And this is a double portion. The caterer had a spare one, so I got it. The dangers of being so lovable, and nobody else falling for it.

Well, that’s what I had to live on for 5 weeks. Pretty grim, eh? I did learn quite quickly to avoid scrambled egg (arrives cold) and chips (super soggy), and if a salad involves yesterdays roast, don’t go there.

Have you any hospital food horror stories? Let me know in the comments!


PS: For more blogger hospital food posts, check out this post from the amazing Chloe – Nurse Fancy Pants.

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  • I feel your pain! I was in hospital twice over the summer and the meals were vile. SOme of them I don’t even know what they were, genuinely, I don’t know what the meat was supposed to be.

    That risotto looks VILE. How are these meals supposed to help a sick person regain their strength?

    • There were some meats that were highly questionable, like the mentioned beef salad. I’m not sure what it was, but it wasn’t beef. It was cold, grey, dry leather of some sort. At least when I’m back in it should only be for a couple of days to remove the stent from my kidney. I don’t think I could do another 5 weeks of meals like that.

      Lets not talk about the risotto much. I think my comment on twitter at the time was to just “call it what it f**king is. Dry fried rice” I barely managed half of that plate, and that was because I had bread and butter to lubricate it.

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