Dec. 31.

A Blog Post, An Apology and a New Years Resolution

Hello all!

Sorry I have been neglecting my blog (last time I posted was in July)

Unfortunately, I was having work issues which were getting me down (I’ve since left the job) Then I had the hassle of finding a new job (still looking), and finally in November, I got sick, and wound up in hospital for 5 weeks. Those of you who follow me on Twitter (if you don’t yet, why not, and click the link over there ->) so I will not go into the gory details, but I had kidney problems which have now been fixed.

All of that left me in no mood to blog at all and that means I wasn’t here. I apologise for that, as I appreciate every person who takes their time to read my ramblings, like them and comment on them. I kinda feel that I have let you down.

That is why I am publishing my new years resolution here. Well resolutions, actually. The first is to avoid hospitals as much as possible after they finish my kidney work at the end of January, lest the nurses kidnap me again. The second is more relevant to here. I resolve to write something at least once a week, and I give you, my beloved readers, permission to hound me via twitter if you want to read something new. I do have a bit to write about, including Chocolate Whip and Tough Stuff from Cocoa Brown, my custom created Precious Polish, my application to polishaholics anonymous (70+ polishes and not enough nails) and what happens to be in and around my Helmer.

I wish you all a happy new year, and the very best of 2014’s. I’m sure we could all do with one.

Until then,

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