Mar. 25.

Things to blog for: Inspirational bloggers

Inspirational Bloggers HeartI at times find it difficult to blog. If the inspiration is not there, I can’t make myself write. Fortunately I have gotten better over the past couple of weeks, and I put it down as being at least in part to reading blogs that inspire me. These are just some of the blogs that inspire me to write.

Random Ramblings and Musings

The little corner of the blogosphere belonging to my good friend Paula, this is one of the most inspirational blogs I could ever read. I love the mix of lighter topics, reviews of cosmetics and perfume (I could never write perfume reviews like Paula) and occasional deep thought posts. They are so heartfelt and moving that it generally takes a couple of readings for them to sink in. When they do however, wow. I wish I can write just as eloquently some day.

I have been an avid reader of for some time now, and watched it evolve into the beauty and lifestyle blog it is today. Its wide variety of topics inspire love, lust, thought and debate. Coupled with a lineup of bloggers that know what they’re talking about and can articulate it so well, with description and wit abound. It is somewhere I pop into several times a day, and with good reason.


I do love a good nail polish blog, and this is one of the best Irish ones going. Her stash is something I would kill for 5 minutes in, and her nail art skills are amazing. Being a bit of a nail polish magpie I love seeing other peoples work, and I hope I can eventually recreate some of these.

Dolly Rouge

Run by Kat and Rachelle, Dolly Rouge is a great site to look for inspiration for looking good without breaking the bank. They also have a penchant for natural products and being super tech savvy they are always willing to give advice to newer bloggers, which when starting out is invaluable. They’re also super nice in real life and are always willing to have a chat.

What Katie Healy Did

The ever glamourous Katie is my go to blog for when I want to look for something super fancy. Boasting a wardrobe and body to die for, and a shoe collection to match, her posts always make me go wow. She also has a love of old school glamour, and her tutorials, whether it’s for the perfect eyeliner flick, or a stunning red lip, allow us to all channel our inner Dita.

Now, this post is in in way exhaustive. I could list every blog I read, as they are all inspirational, but these ones came to me from the top of my head, and I would never stop writing this post otherwise.

Which bloggers inspire you? What other sources do you use for inspiration? Let me know in the comments below!


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