Mar. 16.

Review: The Nima Mitt by Nima Brush

NimaAt the Christmas blogger meetup we were all so lucky to see a demonstration by Niamh Martin, creator of the Nima Brush company, and their makeup remover mitt, the Nima Mitt!

The idea of the Nima Mitt is brilliant. It’s a microfibre mitt, that allows you to remove your makeup using nothing but water. Yes, just water. You put the mitt on your hand, soak it in water (just use the tap, it doesn’t need to be rarefied glacial spring water from the Antarctic or anything) and wipe your face clean. The microfibre structure of the mitt helps to lift all traces of makeup and dirt from your skin, leaving it cleansed and refreshed, without using chemicals. You then grab a bar of soap, rub it into the mitt, and clean it under the tap. Hang it up to dry and it’s good to go again! Treated well it should last you for a long time!

Nima Mitt

The Nima Mitt (nice and clean, despite being well used)

Now, how did I get on with it?

On the surface my experience was just as it should be. Simple, easy and quick. Brilliant!

However, I then tried it on heavy duty, wear all the slap, night out makeup. While it did an admirable job (the proof was on the mitt), I felt it did not quite get every last trace of makeup off my skin, particularly around my eyes. It took a little bit of regular cleanser to finish the job. This is a very small failing, as for regular day to day makeup it works just brilliantly. And reducing the amount of chemicals we need to apply to our skin each day has to be a good thing, right?

The Nima Mitt (and all of the Nima Brush range) is available from for €12.95, and when you buy three, you get one FREE!

Have you tried the Nima Mitt? Have you any other suggestions for cleansing without chemicals? Let me know in the comments!


Note: Product was supplied as a sample for review purposes.

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