Mar. 16.

Review: Benefit Fakeup Concealer

Fakeup-ThumbOn Friday evening I was invited to the blogger launch of Benefit‘s new wonder product – Fakeup hydrating concealer, in the delightful personal shopping suite of Harvey Nichols Dundrum.

It was my first time attending a Benefit event, so I wasn’t sure quite what to expect, but I diligently made my way to Dundrum to see what all the hoo-ha was about.

Firstly, let me say that Benefit really know how to throw a party. welcomed by Joanne and Caoimhe, we were offered delicious nibbles and cava (I was driving and chose to behave myself, having orange juice instead) before we were introduced to the new product.


(Our wonderful Behehosts Jasmine, Caoimhe, Sofia & Mark, and a small selection of delicious treats!)

Benefit pride themselves on developing products for real women, so while the products are innovative (and Fakeup is no exception) they are foolproof to use. Who can’t be impressed with that?

Fakeup is designed as a solid stick, with a central core of concealer, surrounded by a hydrating ring of loveliness. Here’s where the magic starts happening. The hydrating ring is made with vitamin E and appleseed extract, which offers anti ageing and super hydrating properties. Perfect for those of us with a tendency for dry skin. It also doesn’t sink in and show up creases. It smooths everything out. Result!

Application is as simple as can be, as Mark, Benefit’s Leading Trend Artist and trainer for Ireland demonstrated.


(Mark demonstrating the Magic V with Caoimhe)

You apply it in a “Magic V” under the eyes and blend out and up with your ring finger or a brush. Instantly your under eye area looks brighter, better and more awake. As if that isn’t enough, he also explained that you can use it on your forehead, face and chin to brighten your complexion. It’s like a multitool in your makeup bag. It does so much!

Demonstration over, it was time for us all to line up and be colour matched by Mark. Surprise surprise, I’m a light, the lightest of the three shades. For those less ghostly pale, it also comes in medium or deep.

It feels so light and comfortable in application, and makes a huge difference, as I could see in the mirror. It also wears very well, as it was still there several hours later when I was removing my makeup before going to bed.

So, what do the different shades look like? It’s swatch time.

(The tube of Fakeup, showing the core and hydrating ring, and swatches inn light, medium & deep)

(The tube of Fakeup, showing the core and hydrating ring, and swatches inn light, medium & deep)

The light, obviously, is very pale, but it’s because it’s so pale that it is most suited to our “good Irish skin”. The medium would be suitable for those of us who are a bit more golden, or are fond of tan. The deep is probably not going to be much use to the Irish as a concealer, BUT, we were given a little pro tip (thanks Mark) that the shade is perfect for contouring under the cheekbones or along the side of the nose, if you’re so inclined!

I can see myself using Fakeup quite often, if not daily, as I feel it would be PERFECT for days with light makeup, to make myself look more awake (read: most every day) and feel Benefit are on to another winner of a product. Great work guys!

Finally, before we were sent on our ways to extol the virtues of Fakeup (and get photos of as many people wearing it as possible – I’m failing at that, Sorry!) we were given a little bonus. Hello Flawless foundation is celebrating its birthday, so we were all given a treat of one to take away. We also had Mark’s little Benequiz, to win someting a little special. I correctly identified Benefit’s Irish Trend artist (It’s you Mark!) and was given one of their World Famous Neutrals palettes (world’s easiest nudes – pinks and browns) I will talk more about these at a later date!

Fakeup will be on counters at the end of March, at a great value €26.50.

What do you think of Fakeup? Will you be giving it a try? What other concealers to you highly recommend. As always I love to hear your opinions in the comments!


Note: Samples were provided by Benefit for review

Pic Credit: Event pics from Benefit Ireland Facebook Page (I will remember my proper camera next time. Bad blogger)

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