Mar. 14.

On People, Passing & Confidence

This is a little bit of a waffling post for me, so bear with me. It’s also the first thing I’ve written in a while, so it may not make much sense. If not, I apologise.

Some of you may have read my About Me page. Some of you, not (to those of you in the latter group, it’s over there. Have a read)

In short. I’m transsexual. Most of you just know me as Robyn, while some of you may also know my other half. He’s kinda a less glamourous, less confident version of me, with pretty dull dress sense (seriously, there’s only so many versions of shirt and trousers you can do!)

Anyways, I was thinking about interactions with people. This can be a very difficult situation for trans people. The amount of thoughts going through their head about how do I look, should I avoid people, what am I doing out here can be unbelievably daunting. It’s completely understandable. Everyone wants to fit in, somewhere, somehow. I was like that myself once. But confidence can be a wonderful thing. It can make all the difference (it did with me)

Firstly. Nobody is perfect. Just for emphasis: NOBODY! You don’t need to worry about every single little thing. Relax. You may think you are too tall to be walking in 6″ heels, or too fat to ever fit in. No. It’s nonsense. Women come in every shape and size imaginable. You’re going to fit in just fine. Even if you are having a bad day and think you look awful, relax. Everyone has bad days. It is not a big deal. Seeing someones confidence more than makes up for any little deficiencies that you think you have in your appearance. If you think you look okay, that’s what matters. Be happy in how you look and feel and others will be happy in how you look and feel.

Secondly, people. Lets be honest, people are 99% of the time too wrapped up in their own lives to worry about how everyone around them looks. People have their own issues to deal with. You’re not one of them. In my own experience, the vast majority of people don’t notice me, and the small number that do, really don’t care.

Really, what I am trying to say, is don’t be afraid. Go for it. Be confident and get out there. There’s a whole big world waiting to be explored. Be part of it. You’re not going to have problems.


It also strikes me now, that while I am writing as it is relevant to my own situation, it is advice that I would give to anyone. Confidence is a wonderful tool. Don’t be afraid of it.


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  • Well said, I like this waffling post of yours.

    Confidence can, indeed, be a wonderful tool and I think we all need to focus on that more often (myself included).

    • Even a little confidence can go a long way. That’s what’s so wonderful about it.

      And it’s struck me that you’ve gone for light beauty reviews and I’ve gone for rambling thoughts. I thought it was the other way round 😉

  • Here, here!
    It’s something I have always tried to live by and would always pass on to others although it is good sometimes to take a step back and remember it again!

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