Mar. 24.

Lipstick Love: MAC Sheen Supreme in Quite The Thing

MAC LipstickI admit it. I do not really see the appeal of MAC. While they do some beautiful products, I think they are a little overpriced. That said, while out for lunch with Paula from Random Ramblings and Musings before Christmas, we found ourselves in the MAC Store on Henry St. ogling the lipstick selection. There was quite a bit of lust, and after some discussion, I was convinced to buy one (my first MAC product). And I have to tell you, I’m glad I did!

This, I must admit is one of those “How did I live without you” moments. In the bullet the colour looks really quite intense, but as it’s purple I have absolutely no problem with this.

On the lips, it just gets better. It applies velvety smooth, and enriches the lips with a glorious deeper than pink, but lighter than purple colour. Being from the Sheen Supreme range it is suitably glossy, and while it does affect wear time as a result, it fades really evenly and leaves my lips feeling amazing. It obviously can be built up into a deeper colour, but I don’t think there is any real need to do so.

MAC Swatch

Finally, pictures. On the left is it swatched lightly, and on the right is it swatched more heavily to show the colour build up. I will try to get one of it on my lips, but my chin isn’t agreeing with me at the moment.

Now, tell me. Am I being overly harsh? Are there other MAC products that I should be trying? Which of their lipstick/lipglass shades do you recommend? Let me know!


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