Jan. 20.

NOTD: Red & Silver French Manicure

NOTD-French-ThumbI had made a new years resolution to blog more often. Once a week, really, and so far I have failed at that. It’s not that I have nothing to blog about, but more of a I need to kick myself up the ass and get to it (note to self: get more flexible so I can actually do that) Anyway, I hope to make amends (partially) today with a little post about a recent NOTD look.

I had been thinking my way through my stash of nail polish (one helmer drawer full and counting) trying to figure out what to do with some of the ones that I wouldn’t necessarily wear solo. My mind was drawn to my two Sally Hansen Quick Colour nail polish pens that I picked up in Dealz some time back. I have a chrome pink and a chrome silver. Swatching them I didn’t think they would go well on my hands, but that they may be good for a pedicure. I’ll have to try that at some point. Until now though they sat in my stash doing nothing.

Now, French manicures are not really my thing. I’ll wear a French pink on it’s own with no problem on days where I just want my nails to look tidy, but I wanted to try something different. For that I decided to try out an alternative French, and decided that just maybe my silver pen would make perfect tips.

With the tips decided, I needed to come up with a base colour. French pink would probably work with it if you want a subtle look, but I wanted something with a lot of contrast. What would be better than a deep red? Looking at what I had I chose the gorgeous Chanel Nail Polish in Lotus Rouge.

After prepping my nails (they needed some filing back as they were getting difficult to type with) and cleaning them, I applied my basecoat (CND Stickey) and two coats of red. As I was doing this late at night, I decided to sleep on it and then they would be really set before adding the silver tips in the morning.

To provide a guide for the tips I had a box of tip guide stickers (can’t remember where I got them) which I applied to the back of my hand before placing them on the nails to remove some of the stickiness from them. I then applied two coats of silver to provide good coverage against the red base. I then immediately removed the guides. Unfortunately it did lift some of the base on my thumb, which I carefully went over again.

So, how did it look?


I think it turned out quite well. There was the issue with my thumb, and the silver did splash onto my finger below the guide a little on my ring finger, but overall, I am really pleased with it. Doing it again I would be a little more careful with the silver polish (it can be¬†temperamental) but otherwise it’s perfect.

What do you think of my efforts? Have you any preferred colours for an alternative French mani? Let me know in the comments!


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