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Dec. 12.

Taking the plunge – Cocoa Brown Tan

oopmaCan you turn a milk bottle into a golden Goddess? Or just into a tangoed terror?

This has always been my big problem with tan (well that and I can’t tan naturally – I’ve the best Irish skin ever), so I have always been a bit afraid of fake tans. However, being the intrepid blogger that I am, and having been inspired by Marissa Carter, owner of Carter Beauty and creator of Cocoa Brown Tan, I decided to take the plunge and try it out. Would I reach the golden Goddess nirvana, or just look like an overgrown escapee from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory? Read on to find out?

The background:

Marissa was invited to speak at the Christmas Blogger Meetup on Saturday, organised by the lovely Sarah from Adoreabubbles (Sarah- you’re awesome and I love you), and shared her experience in creating Cocoa Brown. I’m not going to get too far into the science of it (too many long words and acronyms) but Marissa was so excited about it, and so passionate, I knew I would be in safe hands with Cocoa Brown.


The simple details:

Fake tans are based on DHA, which makes your own skin cells produce melanin, which you naturally do with tanning. Cocoa brown is made using naturally derived DHA, and includes DMI, an accelerator which gives it it’s amazing 1 hour development time. Who wants to wait around for hours while a tan develops, smelling more and more like bad biscuits? Nobody, that’s who. You don’t have to wait for long, and the smell of the tan is really pleasant, so the time you need to wait is not an ordeal.

The prep:

Having a good prep routine is a good start for giving yourself a good fake tan, so I took a nice long shower with an apricot scrub and thoroughly exfoliated. I then used body lotion and left it to sink in for a few hours, so my skin was lovely and smooth, but without extra layers to interfere with the tan. So far, so simple. No nightmares yet.

The Tan:

Now for the scary bit. The hide behind the couch with the bowl of popcorn bit of the movie. I broke out the lovely bright pink can of Cocoa Brown, and the equally pink tanning mitt, and went to work. The tan comes out of the can as a golden mousse, light and airy. There are no deep stains in the tan, just a light guide colour so you can see where you are putting it. It goes on so easily, mainly because it is so light, but also because of the moisturisers in the formula. Tanning took about 10 minutes, though I could have taken a few minutes longer to ensure every area was nicely covered (It was cold. It’s the middle of winter and I wasn’t wearing any clothes. Don’t judge me for being in a hurry!) After  few minutes drying time I hid under a blanket and waited an hour for the tan to develop. You’re able to decide how deep you want the tan by leaving it on for longer, up to 3 hours for a deep tan, but I’m just starting out with tan, so a bit of a glow was all I wanted.
Cocoa Brown Mousse

The rinse:

After an hour it was in to the shower to rinse off the tan. The tan rinses off really easily, you just need to look at the water as it takes off the guide colour (its done the job now) and see for yourself. Left behind is a subtle colour that for me at least, wasn’t much different from my normal skin, just definitely not as pale. My skin but better if you will.

The verdict:

Well, this is the important bit. Would I use Cocoa Brown again? The answer is a definite yes. The 1 hour glow is really light and natural looking, which is perfect for someone who was afraid of tans. The fact that it is so light may also inspire me to go further and let it develop for longer, if I want a definite tanned look, but I know I can keep with the 1 hour timeframe if I just want to take the paleness off my skin. And the best part of all of this is… Not an oompa loompa in sight! This may be the start of a lifelong addiction. I love it!

(I will update this with a before & after when I can get a good pic. Damn lack of light. NOTE: Still working on a good pic. I haven’t forgotten)

Cocoa Brown Tan is €7.99 for a 150ml can, and is available from Carter Beauty, and pharmacies nationwide.
Note: I received a free sample to try Cocoa Brown

How was Cocoa Brown for you? Are you as in love as I am? Let me know in the comments!

Photo credit: Shooting Shaun Photography

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