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What if: The Dail Was a Glee Club

dail-gleeInspired by a post on Facebook from the wonderful Paula (check out her blog, by the way), this explores the very big what if, of the Dail being a Glee Club. Seriously, who would take what part? Would Enda and Eamon do a duet? What would be sung? Just for fun, here’s what I think would happen…

Sean Barrett – Conductor:

An Ceann Comhairle seems like a perfect choice to try and keep everything in order, generally yelling at people for singing out of key, singing out of turn, or not following a simple dress code (obviously not pointing fingers at the technical group)

The Technical Group – T-Rex, Children of the Revolution:

Born of people looking for an alternative in the most recent General Election, the Technical Group consider themselves to be part of the revolution in Irish politics. Which of course, they are. And you know you won’t fool the Children of the Revolution (I will leave my opinion on not being able to make fools out of those who are already fools aside)

The Independents – Don Williams, Something ‘Bout You:

This song immediately came to me on account of the opening lines:

I don’t want nobody
I’m better off alone
I’m sworn to independence

Of course the Independents do need someone. They’re all on their own after all. Expect this to be sung in varying keys, at varying tempos, with everyone doing their own thing.

Sinn Fein – Fields of Athenry/Amhrain na BhFiann (Medley)

Sinn Fein will sit there, maybe making noise in objection to such pointless wasting of precious time in the Dail, but when all is said and done, expect them to rise to their feet in unison and give the biggest rendition of our National Anthem that the chamber has ever heard (Sinn Fein want to be heard after all)

The Party Whips – Devo, Whip It:

A little inter-party fun for this song, and heaven help any party member who objects to it.

Fianna Fail – The Beatles, I’ll be back:

After having their hearts broken in the election, Michael Martin’s band have quite a few Hard Day’s Nights ahead of them, but in the spirit of ex governor Schwarzenegger, They’ll be back.

Enda & Eamon – The Four Tops, I’ll be There:

Not quite a duet song, but when there was a government to be formed, this must have been on both of their lips.

Labour – Queen, Don’t Stop Me Now:

Now back in government, Labour must be hoping for a long and happy life there, so it is fitting that they sing:

Don’t Stop me now, I’m having such a good time (on the government benches)

Fine Gael – Carpenters, Top of the World:

After such a convincing march into power it is only fair that the numerous Fine Gael deputies feel on top of the world, but are they looking down on all creation or an EU balance sheet?

So, there you have my thoughts on the Dail Glee Club. Am I out of my mind (probably), any songs you would change, or want to suggest something for an encore? Let me know in the comments.


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