Jul. 09.

NOTD: Stars & Stripes Mani

NOTD-USA-thumbApologies for the delay in getting this on the blog. Having a camera cable disappear is not fun, especially when you have photos on the camera that you desperately want to work with.

For this mani I wanted something so simple even I could do it. In that sense I think it passed with (three) flying colours. How difficult is it to paint different nails red, white or blue? Not at all. Sorted.

I also wanted colours that would stand out, so they had to be bright. For that reason I chose:

  • Red: China Glaze – Ruby Pumps – such a gorgeous shade of red, and the added glitter (lots and LOTS of glitter) just makes it jump off the nail.
  • White: LA Colours Colour Craze – Energy Source – As far as I can tell, a pure white is just pure white, so no need to pick up something wildly expensive. This was €1.99 in Sam McCauley in Dundrum. Cheap and did the job.
  • Blue: Catrice – Blue Cara Ciao (400) – A bright blue creme polish, this stands out on its own, and worked fantastically as a base for the stars

All nails were given 3 thin coats, just to build intensity in them. After it dried, I took the Essence nail tip painter (another bargain, and it comes with a super thin brush) to do the stars.

On my right thumb I did a single large star, while on my left I did lots of little dots to simulate the stars on the American flag (As a note: In some things I am quite happy to use both hands equally. Not in painting my nails. I am so dominantly left-handed with painting my nails that dots were the best I could do with my right hand)

Finally all my handy work was sealed with a coat of Sally Hansen Double Duty topcoat (the first one I had to hand)

Okay so, enough from me. Lets see the pictures:

NOTD-USA-1Both hands together, showing the star on my right thumb and stars on the left, artfully arranged on top of part of my friend Melissa’s quite substantial make up collection.


My left hand, with me in the mirror trying to look like a cowgirl (yee-haw y’all)
So, there you go. My simple Stars & Stripes. What do you think? Nice? Awful? Shiny? More to the point, any tips on how to improve my right handed nail art? Let me know!


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  • Beautiful! I’ve seen people suggest you paint your nails with you weaker hand first and then the stronger hand and they claim it works! Bizarrely, I’m left handed but I’m always happier with the outcome on my left hand if I’m painting my nails, but if I’m doing nail art my right hand is always better…..

    • Hmmm… That’s an interesting idea. I may have to try it. Usually, standard painting is not an issue for me though. It’s just detailed work that I have trouble with when using my right hand.

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