Jun. 02.

The Obligatory “Hello World” Post

Waffle-150x142Hello and welcome to my very first blog post. I’m not going to bore you with a long winded speech about how good it is to be here, or how great it is to see someone reading this. I’d much rather get straight in to posting something worthwhile. Please accept this little bit of waffle for now though.

Worthwhile means whatever is in my head at the time, and that is usually quite a lot. That doesn’t mean I will be posting everything that is in there, just the bits that I can make enough sense of to write down. Besides, I have a simple rule to follow:

When everything in your head starts to make sense, PANIC

So there you have it, my somewhat dull first post. I promise something more interesting is coming soon. Also, bits and pieces may be changing as I settle in and decide how I want everything to look. I haven’t quite decided yet. I’m a really indecisive person. Or am I?

P.S. I also need to thank those of you who suggested that I start the blog, and Paula from Random Ramblings and Musings, for saying that someone would actually read it.


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